Devastating 2016 Crash Of Global Economy – Michael Pento Speaks Out

Michael Pento Warns Of 2016 Crash

Michael Pento Warns Of 2016 Crash

A leading market specialist warns us of a devastating economic meltdown in 2016. In our latest interview of Michael Pento about the state of the global economy, precious metals and Plan B planning…. Pento does not hedge his predictions. The world and especially the United States is dead reckoning toward a devastating financial collapse that will make the Great Depression look tame. Pento points out that the upcoming collapse will trigger big time problems for anyone holding stocks and currencies not backed by real assets. He predicts the great Crash of 2016-2017.

But Pento also points out that this tragedy also offers opportunity. In our video interview he outlines three important steps that all Americans, Europeans and Canadians need to be taking right now to be on the right side of this mess. He offers advise that you will be very happy you heeded when you look back on this troublesome blip in the global economy.

In this interview Michael Pento also discusses why it makes good sense to invest in some land to support a self-sustainable lifestyle and why citizenship and a 2nd passport are very valuable tools in your Plan B toolkit. He even gives us some hints on the best ways to hold precious metals for liquidity.

For those few that might not know Michael Pento. He is the CEO of Pento Portfolio Strategies and is widely quoted and interviewed on virtually every major financial news service, including Fox Business, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, USA Watchdog and most others.

As you watch our video interview, be sure and pay attention to Michael’s three steps toward the latter part of the video….


If you want to really dig in …..

and understand why Michael Pento is so convinced that the world’s leading economies have painted themselves into a corner that is inescapable and why he is so convinced that immediate action is needed, then pick up a copy of his book, “The Coming Bond Market Collapse” from his website.

I’ll suggest the same thing to you that I have suggested to Michael.  Take a few days off and get down here to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and checkout whether this place fits in your own Plan B.  We chose this place for many reasons, but some of the leading reasons include:

  • Friendly people who welcome expats
  • Lower cost of living
  • Sustainable agriculture, organic foods and low cost
  • Year-round tropical weather
  • Affordable real estate
  • Very low carrying cost on real estate
  • Low stress lifestyle
  • Easy, affordable path to citizenship and a 2nd passport
  • And maybe most importantly, very little government intervention.  No “nanny state” attitude here.

One great way to see North Coast is to participate in one of our free Discovery Tours.

Christopher May 24, 2016 at 1:26 am

Learned some new things on bitgold which holds your gold in vaults and you can liquidate at any time. Sounds like a good alternative if you are worried about holding too much physical gold. I will check out this idea on shorting the market for a potential crash in 2016-2017.

Gary June 1, 2016 at 1:37 am

Probably the best and most concise interview you have done. Pento’s analysis and practical things for people to protect themselves are spot on regarding owning physical precious metals, foreign real estate and a second passport. I would add owning bitcoin, which is behaving more and more like precious metals, would enable you to own wealth completely outside the financial system and become your own banker.

Great interview

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