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Dominican Republic Passport for ExpatsWanted: Top quality, timely and affordable immigration services for DR Escapes readers.

As in most worthwhile rapidly growing endeavors, at DRescapes we also suffer through growing pains when demand exceeds our ability to react. It turns out that immigration services was one of those areas for us. We simply had too much interest to be able to satisfactorily meet the demands of all our readers with one small immigration practice.

We knew we wanted our clients to have timely, first class legal guidance and we knew we wanted our clients to save as much money as possible. Given the volume of requests, we didn’t feel like we were able to keep up so off we went to interview the top immigration firms in the capital. What turned out to be 3 months of endeavors including several trips to the Capitol lead us to what we feel is going to yield our reader’s strong positive results.

After all was said and done, and after a lot of negotiations, we were able to get a solid commitment from one of the largest and most successful law firms in the DR to work personally with our readers on all their immigration, corporate and real estate legal matters in the Dominican Republic. They’ve also agreed to handle our immigration renewals so now everyone has more choices. We heard your calling and we responded.

Guzman Ariza Commitment

Guzman Ariza Commitment

Based on our interviews and many years working with this firm, we were most impressed with the immigration services package that Guzman Ariza was able to offer to our readers. The Guzman firm has agreed to assign their best immigration attorneys to personally work one on one with our readers on all their immigration, residency, citizenship and 2nd passport needs.

We insisted that they provide the level of hands-on case management and communication that we expect for our readers. They agreed. We insisted that they be available to coordinate all of the logistics of shepherding our people through every phase of the process when they are in the Capital. They agreed. We insisted that they stay on top of our cases and do everything possible to expedite the immigration processes within the limits of the law. They agreed. We insisted that they make prior arrangements so our clients do not have to travel to Dominican consulates just to have their passports stamped prior to receiving their 60 day entry visa for the required medical exam. They agreed and it’s already a done deal!

And finally, we thought it would be great if they would do all that even less expensively than what our readers had been paying in the past. Surprisingly they even agreed to that. For example, they agreed to legal fees for full immigration that were almost $700 less than what our people were paying previously. This turned out to be a real win-win for our readers.

Immigration Attorney Licelotte Minaya

Immigration Attorney Licelotte Minaya

Let me introduce Attorney Licelotte Minaya of Guzman Ariza. Licelotte is a senior associate at Guzmán Ariza. She is a resident attorney of the firm in the Santo Domingo office and heads the firm’s immigration department. She received her Bachelor of Laws at the Universidad Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU) (summa cum laude), and finished head of her law class. Of course Ms. Minaya is fluent in both Spanish and English, and other attorneys in the firm are fluent in French, German, Russian and various other languages.

Ms. Minaya lectures on immigration-related topics and assists international businesses on immigration permits for their employees. She specializes in the different investment programs available to expedite residency and second citizenship in the Dominican Republic.

Our meetings with Ms. Minaya and other senior attorneys at Guzman Ariza went very smoothly and it was obvious to us that the Guzman firm would do everything possible to cut through the red tape and delays to expedite the cases of our readers.

As always, we are here for you. We want to make your experiences in Dominican Republic as positive as possible and we want you to take advantage of the relationships and connections we have made living here on the North Coast. We’ve changed so you don’t have to.

A little about the Guzman Ariza firm might be beneficial too.  Guzmán Ariza is known predominantly for the representation of international corporations and individual investors in the Dominican Republic. Guzman lawyers handle every matter for our international clients: from immigration to the simple purchase of a vacation villa to complex commercial litigation and transactions involving mergers and acquisitions or the development of large real estate projects. They currently retain as clients some of the highest profile multi-national companies operating in the country. As one of the oldest law firms in the Dominican Republic, Guzman lawyers offer clients the benefit of hundreds of years of cumulative experience as legal practitioners in many different areas of expertise.Guzman Ariza Attorneys

Guzmán Ariza is the only Dominican law firm to belong to the selective SCG Legal, a global network of more than 140 top, independent law firms comprising 11,500 attorneys in nearly 450 offices around the world.

One thing we like a lot about Guzman is the fact that the Guzman Ariza firm was the first and only large Dominican law firm to offer services on a fixed-fee and incentive-fee basis instead of the familiar hourly rate.  This provides the motivation to obtain the best results in the least amount of time at a cost known to you before the work begins.

If you would like to explore what is involved in residency and immigration here in the DR, please click on the blue PassportDR banner (upper right) so that we can get you set up for a free consultation with Ms. Minaya to see if perusing immigration in the Dominican Republic is a sensible option for your future.

If you would like to check out what it is like to live or invest on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, click on the Free Discovery Tour banner (upper right) so that we can set you up for your free tour. Until next time this is Barry in DR.



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