Fear The Primary Weapon

This is what living in fear creates. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. You have the key.

This is what living in fear creates. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. It’s you who’s holding the key.

It’s been said there are only two primary emotions love and fear and every other emotion we experience is just an offshoot of these two primary emotions. It’s also been said that whatever is love cannot be fear and the same holds true for the opposite. Keep this in mind when continuing further into this post.

It’s rather important to know that the dualities of love vs fear, good vs evil, light vs dark are some of the oldest mythological dichotomies and are still widely used today. Another important point worth considering is the fact that almost everything can be used for good or evil. It’s the wielder that determines the use and the initial outcome.

The select few understand exactly how to use this to keep us under their control. If you don't believe it just goes to show how good they actually are

The select few understand exactly how to use this to keep us under their control. If you don’t believe it just goes to show how good they actually are

I’m going to be dealing with the emotion of fear. Once covering the basics I’ll continue on with how the club is using this knowledge of fear against you. There are basically four primal fears that humans possess. They are fear of darkness, predators, abandonment and chaos. From the beginning it’s imperative you understand that all examples of fear and manipulation contained in this post are interwoven and actually work as one. Once we’re at an age able to comprehend their makeup it’s at that time whether recognized or not we all succumb to these primordial fears. They all share one common denominator the fear for our survival. It’s almost as if it’s embedded into our DNA coding. Who knows perhaps is actually is.

Let’s begin by traveling back in time. Over 35 years ago back to the year 1981. I was only 23 at the time but already realizing things aren’t what they seem to be. I’ve stopped watching TV years ago but back in the prior day’s one of my favorite shows was titled Barney Miller. I’m sure many of my readers know what show I’m referring to. For those of you who don’t Barney Miller was a popular comedy show depicting the day to day routines of a N.Y. police station.

Portrayed using a comical format it dealt with the situations that would occur during a typical day. The problems, the people being detained or arrested what they were being accused of were all part and parcel of the show. Barney played the chief of the precinct. He somehow always managed to keep things calm and solve any issues but in a very soft and comical way. Much the same as today’s police do-NOT!

So why am I bringing this to you attention? Watch and see how long ago the seeds have been gently planted into your brain. Without being aware of it they’ve been first digging then planting and finally burying specific messages. The video provides an excellent example of the clever ways being used to insert information without the receivers even aware of it taking place.

I’m using this 35 year old example to make you aware of how long medias have been doing this gentle duping of the senses. When conditional programming is expressed though an easy to take light hearted comical method the public will always be more inclined into accepting it. Cartoons and animated movies are good examples of what I’m referring to. By capturing the innocent minds of children it becomes easy to groom thought patterns as they become adults. Watch how subtle messages are slipped in without being noticed. Coincidence I think not as this deals with much the same chaos we’re witnessing in today’s world 35 years later. These guys are good, real good!

Barney Miller: NWO and trilateral commission in 1981


Georg Wilhem Friedrich Hehel 1770-1831. “When liberty is mentioned, we must always be careful to observe whether it is not really the assertion of private interests which is thereby designated”.

Georg Wilhem Friedrich Hegel 1770-1831.
“When liberty is mentioned, we must always be careful to observe whether it is not really the assertion of private interests which is thereby designated”.

Besides supplying a few chuckles I hope you acquired the deeper meaning. How easily we’re being fed first then molded without even knowing it. Moving on let’s travel ahead and bring a few more important details to your attention.

How many have heard of Georg Wilhem Friedrich Hegel?  Born August 27, 1770 Hegel was a German philosopher. He achieved wide recognition primarily influential within the continental tradition of philosophy. Hegel later become increasingly influential in the analytic tradition of philosophy which eventually went against traditional beliefs, the principal beliefs of the time. His acknowledged stature within Western philosophy is universally acknowledged. Hegel’s often been quoted by some of the brightest minds when it comes to understanding the ultimate goal of this grand illusion. David Icke and Mark Passio are two that just came to mind however there are many notable others .

In fact Hegel’s “Hegelian Dialectic” the use of what Passio terms “chaos sorcery” is where David Icke coined his “problem reaction solution” phrase.  A theory of better understand fear based consciousness and why it always works against us. Later Passio revised Icke’s phrase and coined “chaos confusion opportunity”. He felt it better described the process in how he explains the pathways of achieving the final goal. The total submission of the population allowing total control.

“The framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead to a predetermined solution. Georg Wilhem Friedrich Hegel”.

Passio states “Manipulation of thoughts into actions is mind control. Fear based consciousness- create chaos the reaction desired is confusion. Not knowing what to do or act appropriate to the situation you have fear based consciousness”. Passio continues ” When you have fear based consciousness the person is willing to accept all types of restrictions and limitations to go back to order. That’s your opportunity to inject your predetermined solution and get the masses to go along with what was originally wanted”. What Passio terms chaos confusion opportunity.

To assist me in explaining these fears I know of no one bearing more knowledge than Mark Passio. Even though I’ve never met Passio at least not at the time of this writing mark’s been kind of a mentor to me. Over years of studying his work he’s taught me more about how the universe functions and why we find ourselves in the Pandora’s box that we do. In fact on several occasions my readers have commented by email the similarities when it comes to expressing our direct no holds barred point of view. I have to admit at times I can come across direct but truth is truth and f*ck anything else. I make no apologies to those who might find this offensive. I suppose Mark says it best “you don’t have a right to be ignorant when it affects my freedoms”.

Mark Passio

Mark Passio

The world may currently be a mess of chaos and confusion but through understanding Passio’s many messages my world operates in a sense of flow rather than force. I do try my best to relay what I’ve learned to others but it’s up to them to accept it enough to put forth their own effort by first understanding and then applying. Source knows I hear enough complaining about the lack of but when it comes to having the free will to promote change well I don’t seem to hear as much. Listen to Mark as he describes the four primordial fears we all retain.


Mark Passio – Mind Control Techniques: Preying On Primal Fears


I’m providing a link to the many ways fear is being used to control. Click on “The 14 methods of manipulation”. It’s a series for those who want to understand. For those who don’t just remember what ever fears we bow-down to, the price will always be a reduction of our freedoms. Until next time this is Barry in DR.




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