The Illusion Newscast Roller Coaster – Controlling Your Mind And Your Emotions

TV Illusions - Crisis DramaIt’s a staged illusion.  Have you ever wondered how much YOUR beliefs, emotions and actions are molded by the news reports you see with your own eyes on TV and online newscasts.  Take for example the horrible events in Orlando recently where 49 or 50 people were killed and a similar number sent to the hospitals with gun wounds.  All of the news networks plastered the airwaves with hours and hours of “on the ground” footage of the scene, the first responders and “well meaning” volunteers evacuating the wounded.

Viewers all over the world spent millions of hours, collectively, watching video clips of on-the-scene action shots.  Dialog ranged from the need for more gun control to Isis to Gay Rights, and whatever cause the news agencies wanted to promote.  The news networks went into full gear to “whip up” the emotions of the audience for their favorite agendas.  Partisan politicians hopped right onboard to spin their messages about the evils of guns or, or the dangers of immigration or even the need to arm yourself against these evils.

In some respect, it is a real tribute to the power of the visual media to control emotions and stimulate action.  But was much of it just an illusion?

Live News Illusion

Live News Illusion

A recent post on The Daily Sheeple touched directly on this whole illusion phenomena in an article titled “TV NEWS ILLUSION: “REPORTER IN THE FIELD ON LOCATION”.  It was a thoughtful article and worth a read.  In that article the author touched on the Illusion of “on-site” coverage of events like this by pointing out the reality of most on-site coverage.  Much of what you see is either staged or edited in a way to make it appear much more relevant and timely than it really is.  For example the author gave this scenario of what an honest broadcast would sound like…..


….if the reporter on location wanted to tell the truth, he would say, “I’m standing here on a street corner five blocks away from the shooting, and I have nothing new to report. The cops just held a press conference, and they merely said the event was under investigation. I could have told you that while I was in bed back in my apartment. That’s it from here at the moment. I’ll be back with more meaningless updates as they occur. Stay tuned.”

Then the anchor back in the studio would say, “Thanks, Craig. I already knew about the press conference where nothing of substance was mentioned. You added zero to that zero. But you’re there. That’s what’s important. You give the illusion of live presence. We’ll be back after this break. Now we have to sell pharmaceuticals you don’t need. Stay tuned.”

Both the anchor and the reporter in the field earn their paychecks by making the viewing audience feel they’re “transitioning” from one important place (the studio) to another (the street corner). That’s the key. Here one minute, there the next. Most of the time, here and there are as vital as someone posting a video of himself sleeping.


Now, compare that honest perspective to the “whip them into a lather” illusion so many watched on TV during the recent Orlando coverage and you see the big difference.  If you are wanting to sell air time or manipulate public opinion, the “illusion” will win every time.  Viewers love a good drama, whether it is illusion or not.

So, we all know the media is manipulated for maximum effect, what is new about that.  Maybe just a reminder to be aware and use your own brain.  Realize that most in the media have their own axe to grind, their own bias, their own agenda, and their own controllers who call the shots.  And realize that they have a very effective and proven machine to deliver that message to you in an entertaining and stimulating way.

Newscast Illusion

They’re doing an excellent job. Don’t fool yourself for a minute and if you doubt it just goes to show you how successful it’s working.

Whether it is terrorist fear mongering, or gun scare, or stock market collapse, or BREXIT, or NSA snooping, or world war 3 threats, or ISIS invasion… whatever the daily crisis, keep in mind that there is a very well-oiled media machine out there dreaming up ways to draw you into the drama to further their own agenda and to keep you feeling insecure.

So what about you?  Do you ride the roller coaster from crisis to crisis, vacillating between worried and secure, between horrified and relieved, between fear and confidence… all depending on who is telling the story and how they are telling it?  For most, that is the path they will choose.  Their moods will ebb and flow with the nightly news broadcast.  Funny thing is that many of the people riding the roller coaster are the same people that think that their government will be there like a safety blanket to take care of them if things really get bad.

I suspect most of the DRescapes readers are a bit wiser than that.  Security and confidence is all about planning.  If you plan yourself off the roller coaster then you have an excellent chance to avoid all those ups and downs and live a more satisfying and stress-free life.  It really is possible to plan a path around most of the day-to-day chaos.  It starts with isolating yourself from as many of the tumbling dominoes as you can.  For example:

  • get off the debt train… stop being a slave to the big bankers
  • balance your assets between hard assets, currencies and strategic paper assets
  • build a protective layer of liquidity around you
  • stay flexible and be ready to react or move with little notice
  • diversify across borders so that no single bureaucracy can act alone to control you or your assets
  • don’t panic or overreact.  Build a contingency plan and simply follow it calmly
  • seek out a safe haven that is “off-the-radar” and less attractive to terrorists and banksters
We're Here Waiting. Barry In D.R.

We’re Here Waiting. Barry In D.R.

As you all know, for us the ideal safe haven turned out to be the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, in the village of Cabrera.  It is close enough to conveniently get back to the US and Canada anytime we choose, yet far enough away to be off-the-radar.  You probably also know from earlier posts that we haven’t been glued to the TV tube for many years.  Frankly, very few of the day-to-day world events have any direct impact on our lives and we choose not to sweat over them.  Our needs are met comfortably, we have abundant fresh organic foods and a steady water supply, we face very little government intervention and we are surrounded by happy, friendly people.  We no longer suffer through cold, bleak winters and we enjoy unspoiled, deserted beaches anytime we like.  Why in the world should we spend our days fretting over today’s over-dramatized newscast.

And no, we do not live like ostriches with our heads in the sand.  We do follow world events on the internet.  We just realize that following the plan we have laid out for ourselves, there is no need to live a worried, panic stricken lifestyle.  We chose to step off that roller coaster.

If you would ever like to explore this lifestyle we have discovered, then I urge you to participate in one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours.  It is a great way to meet other expats and see if an expat lifestyle might work for you.  I know of no other way to live such a rich lifestyle on as little as a Social Security level of income.

Gary July 4, 2016 at 9:17 pm

Hi Barry,

I concur on what you’re saying. To paraphrase Doug Casey when the shit hits the fan in the US cities you may want to view the rioting on your TV from the comfort of your home in Cabrera eating fresh fish, tostones and rum than watching it from your front porch.


Barry July 5, 2016 at 2:54 am

Nothing’s ever certain well almost nothing. The US and China will be two of the most severely affected nations. WHY? Because they already have the most conveniences. You can’t lose what you never had.

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