Chillin Out On A Deserted Beach In Cabrera Dominican Republic

Deserted Beaches BeckonIt is common to find long stretches of unspoiled and uncrowded beaches on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic near Cabrera.  After days of writing articles DR Escapes it is time to play Robinson Crusoe  on this deserted beach for an afternoon.  Even though I have the beach almost to myself, there is still a vendor ready to set up a table, provide some chairs, fry me a chicken dinner and serve me a beer… right on the beach.  That’s life in the tropics.

I think that is one of the things I like best about living so close to so many unspoiled beaches.  Anytime, night or day, that I need a break there is always a nearby beach waiting to sooth the day’s aggravations or tensions.  It is very typical to find many of the local beaches just as deserted as the one you will see in this short video clip… at least on most weekdays.  Of course, on weekends you will see more people on the beaches, but rarely is it what you would call crowded on the beaches nearest to Cabrera.  Cabrera is just far enough away from the touristy hot spots to remain unspoiled and uncrowded, yet still close enough to allow us to venture over to the tourist towns anytime we want to.  Best of both worlds.

dan kangas August 1, 2016 at 11:33 pm

What are you going to do when everything collapses and Haitians invade your side of the island,you have millions of bullets for the hungeay masses?

Barry August 2, 2016 at 12:17 am

Your showing your ignorance in your statement. Take into consideration the massive earthquake in 2010. 80% or more of all structures were destroyed. Homes churches business police stations even their Government buildings. All destroyed to the ground. Six years later most still go without their own dwelling. Water, sewer, electrical systems all were in ruins. So I ask you where’s the invasion? Where’s the influx of violent hungry masses? Never happened Doesn’t exist not going to either when the crunch hits. Again taking into consideration 80% of everything was destroyed. You should change your thought pattern from linear to more of a cyclical. Try to understand that these good folks have been existing for several decades in such conditions. Therefore it’s actually countries like Haiti who will be least effected should TSHTF. You can’t take away something from someone that they never had to begin with. The Haitian people survive for months on what folks evidently like yourself wouldn’t make it for a day and a half. Glad I just noticed your email address before signing off. Kinda reinforces what I was thinking now I know this is going to be way above you grasp level. Good luck sounds like you’re gonna need it. Shoot em up Daniel Boon!

Karen Moody August 8, 2016 at 2:04 am

I’m envious of your bold, adventurous move to a new country. I love and miss the beach so much, oh, what I wouldn’t do to retire in Paradise like this one.

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