Fireman and EMT Spouse Describe Their Expat Journey

Expat Fireman Explains How They Chose CabreraI had the pleasure to interview an American fireman and his EMT spouse that have been on the path to discover an offshore early retirement haven for several years.  After researching Mexico, Belize, Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica it looks like they have finally settled on Cabrera on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic for their retirement.  Doug summed up his experience in discovering Cabrera in this way…


It’s been a wonderful experience, much more than I ever dreamed it would be.

Deciding to retire early on a tropical Caribbean island has been a long time dream and after years of research and multiple visits to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic they have settled on the quaint little village of Cabrera for the next phase of their life.

This is part one of a three part video interview ……

where Doug and Sherry help us understand how they started their search for a new home away from home. Some of the things they touch on in Part One include:
— What inspires you
— How to make the money go as far as possible
— Seeking a more relaxed, connected community
— Opting for the SIMPLE lifestyle
— The opportunity for a health lifestyle on a budget
— Advantages of a tropical climate
— A fallback place for family members if the SHTF back home
— Easy and quick access to the US and Canada
— Struggling through family doubts
— Letting an offshore home be part of your insurance plan
— Reacting to a shift in mood and anxiety on the streets of the US


For now, it’s Barry in the DR inviting you to start your own search on one of our free Discovery Tours.

Kalin August 15, 2016 at 3:29 am

Howdy Barry! I enjoyed my visit with Doug and Sherrie in Santo Domingo when I was last down. I concur with all of your and their concerns regarding the potential collapse of the USA – the world’s largest and most arrogant killing machine.

The one stumbling block I cannot get over and hope you or others may have suggestions for is this: We (My wife Heather and I) as the vast majority of family folks, could only live in a place like the DR with money brought in or generated from the states. Our livelihood, as most US expats, would depend on investment income or retirement benefits being drawn from within the USA.

In time of serious unrest or economic collapse, which the savage US government and the dual-nationals that run the show are hell-bent on pushing us into, I have a difficult time convincing myself that our government preditors wouldn’t first arrest all money leaving the US. Let’s be realistic -as long as government entities and businesses are still doling funds to beneficiaries then there is no economic collapse. The very definition of “economic collapse” means such funcions have ceased.

I’m interested in an intelligent discussion on how to avoid getting hung in such a collamity, since the utopian idea of living in the Caribean like a hobo without any money or compete against $12.50 US dollars per day Haitian labor doesn’t seem realistic. In other words – how to generate an ample amount of money locally.

Barry August 19, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Kalin I could possibly shed some additional light on your concerns. I’m going away for a week but will have some time Saturday for a call. If that works respond by email not on the site and we’ll talk.

Don August 29, 2016 at 9:10 pm

Hi Kalin. You said you wanted a discussion, so here’s my viewpoint. I, too, am somewhat dependent on income from the states, and am also concerned about future income being cut off.

A couple of ideas for you:

You mentioned just getting your cedula. That probably means you had to start a savings or checking acc. in the DR, right? It did for me, and on my next trip down (soon) I plan to add many dollars from out of my US bank account into Dominican pesos, just to get my money out of the US.

Additionally, you can begin offshore accounts, which is not all that hard to do – just a few more hoops than beginning a US bank account. Offshore accounts are legal, as much as they might be vilified by the MSM. Fund them with gold, silver, and other precious metals – anything but USD.

Thirdly, start yourself an internet business. These can be very profitable and you can take it with you.

I have done all these things, for I believe Peter Schiff when he says many retirees will have to come home, once the world rejects the US dollar, so my goal is to replace my US income ASAP, and I’m well on my way to doing it.

Hope this helps.

Kalin August 28, 2016 at 9:35 pm

Okie dokie, Barry. Sorry it took me so long to get back; however, I’m flying out of Dallas/Ft. Worth for Santo Domingo tomorrow morning to meet with Maria and/or Ammi to pick up my cedula. I’ll return Wednesday night. I’ll email you when I return. I’d really like your input on this matter.

Gracias Senor! Wish we were there!

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