Fireman and EMT Expats Discuss Reactions Of Family And Friends – Part 2

Exploring The Expat Path To The North Coast Of The DRAs you start to explore the possibility of moving offshore for retirement, you will likely face two very different reactions from family and friends.  A few will admire your wanderlust and secretly (or maybe even outwardly) express their desire to be right along with you.  But if your experience is typical, a larger number of family and friends will look at you like maybe you have screw loose.  So many people would never imagine seriously a life outside their home country, no matter what the circumstance at home.  This retired fireman and his EMT spouse are part of the first group.  After years of research and multiple visits to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, this fireman and his EMT spouse have settled on the quaint little village of Cabrera for the next phase of their life.

This is part two of a three part video interview ….


where Doug and Sherry help us understand how they started their search for an new home away from home. Some of the things they touch on in Part Two include:
— Do you bring aging family members with you
— Why don’t more Americans make the move
— Americans, too preoccupied with life to live the good life
— Why Cabrera after considering Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama
— What about violence and crime… have you looked at you own country


It’s time to get off the sofa, pack a bag and spend a few days in a new country.  Explore.  Learn about the alternatives.  Of course we will do our part if you will allow us.  Sign up for one of out free Discovery Tours and we will give you an insiders view of what it is really like to live in the Caribbean.  We will introduce you to other expats, meet some local contacts and even show you how inexpensively you can live down here in the village of Cabrera on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.


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