Firefighter And EMT Describe Their Search For A Retirement Haven – Part 3

Expat Search - It's Been A Wonderful ExperienceRetire Early and Retire Offshore… In this third part of our three part video interview, Doug and Sherry explain the steps they took over the last several years to search for an expat retirement haven that is most ideal for their family.  They discuss a variety of topics and drive home the point that research on the web is no substitute for placing feet on the ground and exploring on your own.  They explain the benefits they gained from exploring and some tips and tricks they have learned along the path of their research that will make your experience all that you might want.

As Doug said…..  “It’s been a wonderful experience.  Much more than I ever dreamed it would be.

After years of research and multiple visits to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, this fireman and his EMT spouse have settled on the quaint little village of Cabrera for the next phase of their life.

This is part three of a three part video interview….


where Doug and Sherry help us understand how they started their search for an new home away from home. Some of the things they touch on in Part One include:
— Where to start the search
— Off the couch and make a discovery trip
— Reading is no substitute for experiencing
— We traveled much of the country safely on our own
— We learned so much more about the people and country by traveling
— What we like about Cabrera over the alternatives
— Get out and do it
— Hopefully you will never need a backup plan, but it is peace of mind and insurance
— Remember, you are a guest in their country
— Relax, adapt, smile and enjoy


I hope you have enjoyed meeting Doug and Sherry.  They learned a lot and had a great time as they explored the Dominican Republic.  Like them, many of you would enjoy spending time here too.  Give it a try.  One way to do that is to take us up on our free Discovery Tour of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  It is a painless and fun way to learn more about expat life outside of your country and to see some of the most beautiful and affordable Caribbean property if that is something you want to explore.


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