Rub Elbows With The Rich And Famous On A Beer Budget

Amanera Playa Grande Resort Featured In Forbes ArticleForbes just published an indepth article about the Playa Grande/Amanera resort development project just down the road from Cabrera.  As you will read in this article, this is clearly a development that caters to the rich and famous with million dollar+ lots for villas, multi-million dollar villas, hotel rooms that run from $1,000 to $6,000 per night and amenities that are befitting such an exclusive resort.

We saved you a little time by narrating Keith’s article in the video below.  This indepth article was written by Keith Flamer, a Forbes travel writer, and can be found at “Dominican Republic’s Exclusive Playa Grande & Amanera Resort Seduces Rich., Famous & Adventurous“.

Amanera Playa Grande Golf Resort Designed By Robert Trent Jones

Amanera Playa Grande Golf Resort Designed By Robert Trent Jones

So why does this matter to you.  Several reasons.

  • this kind of extensive development brings jobs and prosperity to the local economy.
  • it makes far more investors aware of the unique opportunities available in this area.
  • many of you are purchasing comparable oceanview properties for approximately 5% of what they are paying just 10 minutes down the road….


  • you can expect infrastructure improvements in the area to support this high end development and the surrounding communities, including Rio San Juan and Cabrera.
  • with prosperity and awareness comes property value appreciation


If you have invested in this area of the country, I hope you find this article in Forbes to be as encouraging as we do and we hope it further reinforces your good decisions.  If you are sitting on the fence post or have not yet made the trip down here to see the region and Cabrera then check out our free Discovery Tour.


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