Dmitry Orlov Says Terrorism Is Basically A Jobs Program In The US For Incompetents

Dmitry Orlov Shrinking The TechnosphereDmitry Orlov asserts that “terrorism” is basically a jobs program for the military and incompetent bureaucrats in the US. Dmitry holds nothing back in our exclusive 3 part interview. As you may recall from our previous interview with Dmitry Orlov. he is the outspoken Russian author of numerous books that delve deeply into the reasons he predicts the economic, ecological and political decline and collapse of the United States.

You may agree or disagree, like or dislike Dmitry’s opinions and conclusions. But one thing for sure is that he will have you THINKING as he addresses head-on some of the hottest and most controversial topics impacting America and rest of the world today. And in today’s uncertain world…. THINKING is a good thing.

In this part one of our three part interview, Dmitry will touch on the following hot topics:

— Thoughts about Brexit and the future of the EU
— What is the role of the British Pound in a post Euro world
— Why did Trump avoid discussing the 19 trillion debt and corrupt bankers
— Why he calls the US Military an “idiot jobs program”
— Will the masses ever be able to read between the lines
— Are they taking us for fools, or just cowards
— Why TERRORISM is basically a jobs program for incompetents
— Why Americans won’t admit they are being run by a bunch of criminals
— Why it is important for the US military to avoid conflict with major powers like Russia and China
— Why he calls the US Military the largest public jobs program

As you will hear in part one of our interview below…..


Dmitry Orlov is genuinely concerned about the survivability and the sanity of the US based on the trends he is following closely.  Dmitry speaks his mind with very few filters.  If you pay attention, he will get you THINKING, and that is a good thing.


You will want to also check out Parts 2 and 3 of this series because it is just as meaty and just as in-your-face controversial…. but equally THOUGHT PROVOKING.

Get your brain in gear and think…. it can’t hurt and it may even help you weather the coming storms.

For now, it is Barry in the DR.


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