Dmitry Orlov Warns US Foreign Policy May Kill You And Your Family

Dmitry Orlov - famous Russian authorDmitry Orlov warns that current US foreign policy is likely to KILL you and your family.  In this exclusive 3 part interview with Dmitry Orlov he holds nothing back. Dmitry Orlov is the outspoken Russian author of numerous books that delve deeply into the reasons he predicts the economic, ecological and political decline and collapse of the United States.

You may agree or disagree, like or dislike Dmitry’s opinions and conclusions. But one thing for sure is that he will have you THINKING as he addresses head-on some of the hottest and most controversial topics impacting America and rest of the world today. And in today’s uncertain world…. THINKING is a good thing.

In this part two of our three part interview, Dmitry will touch on the following hot topics:

— What is the US attempting to accomplish now
— How will the US fare in a post-US-dominant world
— How did the US evolve from a primary mission of sewing STABILITY to a mission of sewing INSTABILITY
— Why are “color” revolutions failing at an increasing rate
— Has the US State Department transitioned from negotiation to a war posture
— Are they CRAZY…. are they INSANE
— Why the War Crimes Tribunal is a joke to most of the world
— How do ordinary people help get the word out
— America’s national character….. Ignore the world
— Why you must scare the crap out of people
— How the US foreign policy poses a death threat to you and your family
— Keeping alive is pretty important
— People don’t listen to hypocrites or to things out of their control

You will want to also check out Parts 1 and 3 of this series because it is just as meaty and just as in-your-face controversial…. but equally THOUGHT PROVOKING.

In part two of our exclusive interview below……


Dmitry explains in detail why so many Americans simply cannot see all that is going on around them and why US Foreign Policy has shifted so dramatically toward a war stance, basically abandoning diplomacy.  Dmitry points out that the world sees it in a totally different way… sort of like the “emperor without clothes” in the old fable.


Check out Dmitry Orlov's blog for fresh perspectives at

Check out Dmitry Orlov’s blog for fresh perspectives at

Whether you choose to agree with Dmitry on many of his points or not, I hope this series of interviews has you THINKING.  If you cannot think about a problem, it is very difficult to do anything to keep yourself or your family out of harms way.  At least living here off shore, we have a little breathing room to dodge the next barrage of flying bullets.

For now, it’s Barry in the DR.


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