Dmitry Orlov Fears Millions Of Americans Will Die Needlessly If US Attacks Russia – Part 3

Dmitry Orlov Interview 2016Dmitry Orlov warns us that Russia has once again positioned itself in military parity with the US and that any overt action to attack Russia would inevitably result in the death of millions of US citizens on their home soil.  Not that Dmitry is taking a hawkish stand… just the opposite… he is just warning that escalating tension between the US and Russia would be fruitless.  In this exclusive 3 part interview with Dmitry Orlov he holds nothing back. Dmitry Orlov is the outspoken Russian author of numerous books that delve deeply into the reasons he predicts the economic, ecological and political decline and collapse of the United States.

Dmitry Orlov Shrinking The Technosphere

Dmitry Orlov Shrinking The Technosphere

You may agree or disagree, like or dislike Dmitry’s opinions and conclusions. But one thing for sure is that he will have you THINKING as he addresses head-on some of the hottest and most controversial topics impacting America and rest of the world today. And in today’s uncertain world…. THINKING is a good thing.

In this part three of our three part interview, Dmitry will touch on the following hot topics:

  • Why can’t the US have a strong leader like Putin is proving to be for Russia
  • Why he thinks the leaders promoted by the electorate are generally stooges
  • How must the US engage the world to once again be strong
  • Why bullying no longer works
  • Where have all the diplomats gone
  • Why does it seem Putin is bulletproof
  • Why he believes Russian elections are cleaner than US elections today
  • What role will water and natural gas play in Russian economics
  • What threat does a strong bond between Russia and China pose to the US
  • With NATO ballistic missle sites on Russian borders, what will Putin do
  • What is the state of the Russian military
  • Why is he certain that if the US attacks Russia, million of Americans will be killed
  • What inspired you to inform the public
  • What to expect in Dmitry’s latest book, Shrinking The Technosphere

In part three of our interview below, Dmitry touches on some very timely and important topics.  There is an increasing “mood” conveyed by some that it is increasingly the US role to interfere in the workings of other nations.  It may work with some of the third world despotic states, but ……


it clearly is not the playground the US needs to be playing around in in opposition to other major world powers.



I hope you have enjoyed this little series of interviews with Dmitry Orlov.  I told you that Dmitry does not shy away from the tough topics.  He freely speaks his mind and he challenges us all with some serious things to THINK about.  In today’s topsy-turvy world, THINKING is a critical skill you need in your arsenal.

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For now, it is Barry in the DR.

Kalin August 28, 2016 at 10:00 pm

Barry, where are the links to parts one and two? I can’t get this video to play beyond the first 50 seconds. Even on youtube I can only get it to play for a few seconds. Is it only me or a problem with the video?

Barry August 31, 2016 at 12:51 pm

Kalin no one else mentioned this. Go to our new sister sites YouTube channel and you find it all in one session.

Larry E Walker August 31, 2016 at 1:56 am

Very interesting view points from Mr.Dmitry Orlov. I look forward to hearing more. Thanks for posting.


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