DBL Cigars – Dominican Big Leaguer Cigars – The Whole Process

DBL Cigars - Top Quality Hand-Rolled Dominican Cigars

DBL Cigars – Top Quality Hand-Rolled Dominican Cigars

DBL Cigars are top notch hand-rolled cigars made right here in the Dominican Republic, just outside of Santiago where the best tobacco is grown.  We are one our marathon tours of the tobacco country and will be checking out as many cigar factories as they will let us visit.  We started with a hot new brand (3 years old), the DBL or Dominican Big Leaguer.  In yesterdays video we introduced one of the factory owners and took a peek or two around the factory.  In todays video we share the DBL video where they show us the whole cigar making and marketing process from seed to cigar.  Hope you enjoy this little visit to DBL land.

Check out the full video below that the DBL guys put together that shows us every step of the seed to cigar process.  These guys have their act together…..



For now, it’s Barry on the road in the tobacco country.  Watch for more tour videos soon.  In the meantime, book your free Discovery Tour so you can check it out with your own eyes.


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