Rogue Money With Plan B Warning – Plan B or Perish

Rogue Money LogoWe had an opportunity to interview V at Rogue Money. In this segment of our three part interview, V digs deep into the reasons why each and every one of us needs to focus in on our Plan B if we hope to get through the upcoming turmoil. One thing I like about V is that he is no doom-and-gloomer. In fact he approaches many of these serious topics rather with a bit of light-heartedness. He doesn’t harp on the negatives, but instead offers practical solutions.

In part one of this interview series we focus on Plan B alternatives and rationales. In part two, tomorrow, we get in a bit deeper on why the United States and most of Europe is facing tough times ahead and what you need to be doing right now to fortress your family against the reprecussions.

Did you catch V’s discussion about when the collapse was happening…..


As V points out…. the collapse has already started but you still have time to get out of the way and position yourself to come back strong later.

Be sure and check out V’s other writings, radio show and youtube channel at his Rogue Money website.

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Be sure and check out Parts Two and Three of this interview series. V has a gameplan that can get you through this chaos.

Gary September 15, 2016 at 10:11 pm

Hands down this is my favorite of all your interviews that you’ve ever done. V is really with it. He has tremendous knowledge, insight and a great wit to boot. It’s great to have a character who combines wisdom on such serious topics as war and peace and the coming collapse of the western financial system with great humor and laughter. Instead of using fear porn like many of the alternative media sights do which in a way make wicked people like Rothchild, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Brezinksi, etc. seem bigger than life, V cuts them down to size by mocking them and making fun of them and their minions. It’s so refreshing to have someone like him be just so damn funny. It must have been his growing up in the streets of New York City that have him that quick wit. Two of his comments I just found hilarious and I laughed so hard I had a cough attack: one of the leaders of the EU looks like a goblin (which come to think of it he’s right) and Putin forced Brezinski’s metaphorical chess board up his rear end (which were similar to my thoughts on the somethingfeelswrong comment section).

Anyhow Barry thanks for the delightful interview. I wrote to him that I think you two should do a fireside-type-of-chat on a regular basis talking about everything under the sun. By the way on his last Mornings with V dated 9-14 he talked a lot about spirituality and frequencies which I know is up your alley.

Barry September 16, 2016 at 12:35 pm

Actually I’ll be calling him today. I sure will mention it. I like him along with his way of seeing things a lot.

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