Rogue Money Says The West Is Run By Emasculated Feminized Neo Nazis – Dollar Doomed

Rogue Money LogoV of Rogue Money is highly critical of the government mismanagement in the United States and most European countries. He contends that western governments are essentially run by a bunch of emasculated, feminized neo-Nazis. In part two of our three part interview with Rougue Money, V lays out a rather clear picture of why current political events and arising global alliances will bring the United States and many European countries down from their historic leading roles in world trade and world dominance. The case for the fall of the dollar from its key role as the basis of world trade is very solid. V gives us a solid, fact based case for the emerging role of China and the strength of arising alliances between China and Russia.

V also digs into the role of precious metals in an individual’s Plan B and what form of precious metals investments are his favorites.

I think you will have to agree, V speaks his mind pretty clearly….

There is very little ambiguity in his positions. He believes that the leaders of the United States and most European countries have mismanaged the economy and have brainwashed the masses of their citizens. And despite the fact that V believes a day of reckoning is coming, he offers solid advice to individuals on how to manage their own finances to get through this in better shape than most of their neighbors.

You can read more of V’s writings, check out his daily briefings, weekly radio show and his many Youtube videos on his Rogue Money website.

Watch for Part Three in this interview series.


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