Erosion Of America’s Foundation – How Do You Handle Change?

Judge Napolitano Change WarningHave you ever considered how you handle change?  Obviously we have a bit of an exaggerated perspective because many of the people we interact with are considering a rather significant change in lifestyle and location.   And interestingly, it seems that people have a little easier time with the decision-making part of change when they are facing or coming off of a dramatic event like retirement, or job loss, or other major life event.

Maybe it is the ancient “fight or flight” instinct that kick’s in when the ground under your feet becomes unstable.  Obviously, if you are standing on ground that begins to shake and crumble violently around you, your survival instinct will kick in and you will do something to react to the changes around you.  How well that turns out depends a lot on your pre-preparation before the event.

When the ground around you begins to shake

When the ground around you begins to shake

But what if the “ground under your feet” changes so slowly and insidiously that you cannot feel the cataclysmic collapse happening around you?  What if your “fight or flight” instinct is tricked into a sense of complacency?  What if you are lulled into a state of inaction as you are brainwashed that “everything is ok”?

What if you are frozen in place until it is too late to act?

I suspect most Americans fall into that general profile.  They are lulled into a relative sense of security and generally unaware or unfocused on just how shaky the “ground” is under their feet.  Sometimes it helps to reflect back on the past and compare it to the present to see just how far the “ground” has shifted as you were lulled into the dream.

I think a good place to start is to listen to this 5 minute dialog by Judge Napolitano, a former Fox News commentator.  54 hard hitting “what if” questions to consider when you need to determine just how stable that “ground” you are standing on really is.

Watch it first……



What if the “ground” you are standing on is in such a state of collapse that the very safety, freedom and security of you and your family are at imminent risk?  Can you break the lull of complacency and inaction?  Are you well on your way to laying out a “change” contingency plan for your family… a Plan B.?  Have you considered your options?  Have you taken any action?

If one understands that change is the only constant in life then one will more easily recognize what Heraclitus is saying in his ‘obscure’ writings when he claims such things as, “The way up and the way down are one and the same. Living and dead, waking and sleeping, young and old, are the same.

Again, whether “change” will be kind to you depends mostly on how well you prepare for change.



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