2nd Passport Path Through Permanent Residency In The Dominican Republic

Residency renewal on path to 2nd passportA 2nd passport is an insurance policy against political and economic turmoil.  As we have discussed in the past, a second passport and citizenship in some country other than your home country is a fundamental step toward true personal liberty.

Why?  Because a 2nd passport gives you a legal pass out of your own borders and through the borders of an alternative country.  Without a 2nd passport you are actually at the mercy of your home country.  If politicians or bureaucrats should decide that allowing its citizens to move themselves or their assets offshore threatened the tax base, then just like in Nazi Germany, it could get very difficult to move across borders.  The 2nd passport frees you from absolute dependence on any one country. It gives you more options which. of course, means more freedom. When you achieve that freedom it becomes very difficult for any government to control your destiny.

Really, a second passport is equally as good an idea for someone that is trying to insulate himself from confiscation by a corrupt, over-reaching government as well as someone looking to escape a conflict zone without having to live like a refugee.

There are a number of benefits to securing citizenship and a 2nd passport in another country, including ease in investing, banking, travel, residence, buying and managing real estate, and doing business in places you otherwise could’n’t.


Dominican Republic Immigration Offices

Dominican Republic Immigration Offices

It just so happens that gaining residency leading to citizenship and a 2nd passport in the Dominican Republic is one of the more convenient, less expensive and easiest 2nd passport options for most Americans, Canadians and Europeans.  There are a number of programs that range from just over a year to over 7 years.  The easiest way to find out which of the programs you can qualify for and whether you can qualify for the fastest programs is to take advantage of a free consultation with our recommended immigration attorney.  She is in one of the most respected and most stable international law firms in the Dominican Republic and their immigration team leaves nothing to chance.  They handle everything to make it a fast and efficient process for our DR Escapes family.

Traffic, traffic, traffic.... the only thing hard about getting our permanent residency renewed

Traffic, traffic, traffic…. the only thing hard about getting our permanent residency renewed

Take our latest trip into the capital to renew our permanent visa.  The law firm handled all the coordination, translation and facilitation details.  We just showed up for a fairly efficient day of paper signing and people watching.  Heck, the only hard thing about the process was the drive through Santo Domingo to get to the immigration offices, and the law firm could have even arranged a driver for us to handle that.

In this video we thought we would take you along…..


take you along with us to immigration just to get a glimpse of what it was like to get our permanent residency renewed.  Like I said, except for the hectic morning commute traffic coming in, our legal concierge basically handled all the details and got us in and out pretty efficiently.


I do encourage you to check this form of “survival insurance” out while you still can.  Who knows, maybe you will never need to use it, I hope not.  But better to have it in your Plan B portfolio while you can still get it.

For now, it is Barry in the DR wishing you good adventures.


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