James Wesley Rawles On The US Presidential Elections

James Wesley Rawles On The US ElectionsThe upcoming US Presidential election is certainly the top topic on the internet and in the news these days.  Perhaps even more important than the individual policies of the president, this election cycle is likely to shape the very foundation of the law in the US for the next decades through Supreme Court appointments.

While we haven’t lived in the US for decades, we recognize that what happens in the US certainly can have some impact on us xpats on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  Probably not nearly as much impact as on those of you still in the States, but impact none-the-less.

Democracy Is Doomed Thomas JeffersonAs I was researching this article, I stumbled on a couple interesting quotes.  The first by Thomas Jefferson….. “Democracy is doomed to failure when 51% of the population figures out they can take everything from the other 49%.”  With the push for cheap votes and the cultivation of an every more dependent population, the politicians in the US are cultivating their own demise at an alarming pace.

Another interesting observation is from Bill Bonner, a popular financial advisor and newsletter author.  He says “the nature of government is always ‘conservative’ – in the sense that it is used by the people who control it to protect their wealth and power…. in effect ‘the real purpose of government is to look into the future and prevent it from happening.’

In today’s interview we get an opportunity to pick the brain of a well known author and blogger on some of todays hottest topics.


Specifically, we will let James Wesley Rawles dig into the following in Part One of our interview.

  • Clinton corruption warnings
  • If Trump wins, will he take office?
  • The Italian referendum to leave the European Union
  • Are we headed for a WW3 in the near future?
  • What about the natural alliance between Russia and China?
  • What about an alliance of China and India?
  • Why have foreign policies of major nations become toxic?

Here is Part One of our interview of James Wesley Rawles.  Enjoy.


Watch for Part Two of our interview in an upcoming post.


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