CIA Cries Foul On Trump Win – What A Joke

CIA Joins The Effort To Disrupt Trump Election

CIA Joins The Effort To Disrupt Trump Election

So the saga of the 2016 US presidential election rolls on.  The latest is from none other than Obama’s CIA.  Shock of shocks.  The CIA now believes that Putin and the evil Russian empire somehow tried to influence the US presidential elections by tapping the emails of Clinton, Podesta and the Democratic National Commitee (DNC).  And can you imagine, the CIA even asserts that evil Putin shared the proof of illegal and immoral activities of Clinton, Podesta and the DNC to the general public of the US.  Oh my gosh, imagine all those dirty secrets revealed to the public so that they now have a much clearer picture of just how deep the corruption runs in Washington.

Whether Russia was really involved in tapping the emails of these corrupt politicians or not, we probably will never know for sure.  But the fact that the CIA is calling attention to the prospect is especially “rich“.

After all, it is the US CIA that has a long, long and very well documented history of butting into and manipulating elections in foreign countries worldwide since it’s founding in 1947.  The CIA is king of the intelligence agencies worldwide for trying to overthrow foreign governments, even fairly elected ones.  The CIA leadership has operated without conscience for so long that it is highly unlikely that there is a moral fiber left in leadership of that agency.

That is not to say that there are not plenty of well intended, moral agents and employees in the CIA.  I am sure there are plenty, but the history of the leadership of the CIA is highly questionable and politically motivated as evidenced by several rather detailed histories of the agency.  I am not sure I would ever rely on much of anything the CIA reported if it is likely to be politically motivated.

So, to hear the officials of the CIA accuse Putin or Russia of anything is highly suspect….


CIA Accuses Russia Of Spy Activity - Ha, Ha

CIA Accuses Russia Of Spy Activity – Ha, Ha

And for the CIA to act “shocked” that Russia or any other country engages in espionage or spy activities is especially humorous.

This whole thing reeks of the same disinformation strategies the CIA has used time and time again to sew seeds of unrest in countries all over the globe.  This has all the earmarks of a classic CIA disinformation game where they try to stir up the population to revolt and turnover an election.

What is really rich about all the sheep that the CIA whips into a lather is how they are so easily fooled into focusing on the wrong thing.  Surprise, surprise.  Foreign countries, like Russia, have spys and tap unsecured servers.  Surprise, surprise they sometimes try to pull some of the same dirty tricks that the CIA is notorious for.  The REAL focus should be on what truths about the corruption in Washington the leaks revealed.  Citizens will never have much influence on what foreign governments choose to spy on.  But they can have an influence on whether they will tolerate corruption of their own politicians in Washington.

CIA History Of Butting Into Foreign Elections Widely Known

CIA History Of Butting Into Foreign Elections Widely Known

And if Americans really are seriously upset about wire tapping, email highjacking or spying maybe they should start with outrage for the activities of the CIA and NSA.  Those two organizations are the worldwide kings of subterfuge, spying and wiretapping, even on their own citizens.

My suspicion is that most intelligent Americans are not really that surprised or outraged that foreign countries engage in spying and wiretapping.  It is hard to profess outrage about what your own country does routinely.  I suspect the reality is that this is just another one of the never-ending straws that disappointed liberals are grabbing to try to overturn the legal election of Trump.  Let’s see, they have jumped on:

  • Ignore the electoral college
  • Expensive recounts in key states that backfired when they validated a Trump win
  • Attempts to subvert the electoral  voting process
  • Staged protests by professional protesters in various cities
  • Concerted attempts to “discredit” Trump and his cabinet picks
  • And now, using the CIA to accuse a potential messenger for disclosing the very ugly truth about Clinton and her cronies

This reminds me of those many situations where the misguided parent is outraged at the police when they finally catch and arrest their guilty-as-sin kid involved in an armed robbery.  Outrage at the police is as misguided as outrage toward who ever did the Americans a favor and disclosed the corruption in Washington DC.

And despite your personal feelings about the US presidential elections, it should be a breath of fresh air that maybe today the Washington machine is just a little closer to transparency, whether they wanted it or not.

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