Kicking Off 2017 With A Visit To A New Beach – Will 2017 Be Your Year For Change

Beach Near Cabrera Dominican RepublicIt looks like Cabrera Dominican Republic will be a good, stable place to be in 2017.  While a lot of my more conservative American friends seem to be enjoying a little bit of euphoria over the election of Trump, I have to caution you not to get too complacent.  After all, the US still faces a staggering debt load with promises of more to come.

Unfortunately, much of the world of finance parallels the laws of physics.  What goes up must eventually fall down.  Wish it didn’t, but it does.  While the many promised public works projects and the apparent relocation of offshore manufacturing back into the US to avoid import duties will create some jobs which is a good thing, I am concerned that the apparent tariffs and duties will hit the US exports hard in retaliation.  Who knows which force will win this financial tug of war.  It should be quite a roller-coaster ride.

One strategy that many Americans should consider while there is still as sense of euphoria and markets and the dollar are fairly strong is to diversify investments and maybe move some of the assets offshore.  The likely worst case of that scenario …..


is that you look back and say that you missed a few opportunities, but you will still be sitting safely on your assets.  On the other-hand, if you have everything tied up in the US equity markets or the US dollar and another 2008 crash sneaks up on you, you may have missed the boat for another 12 to 15 years.

We hope 2017 will be a good year for you and we will try to do our part to keep you entertained.  December finally gave us a break to get all the vehicles in tip-top shape and to get all of our annual medical checkups behind us.  We are ready to hit the road and start making more youtube videos and discover new off-the-beaten-path escapes.  We hope you will join us on all our road trips.

Beach Near Cabrera - Rarely Crowded

Beach Near Cabrera – Rarely Crowded

And yes, we are continuing our free North Coast Discovery Tours into 2017.  There is no easier way to explore the North Coast and to meet other expats to learn what the expat life is really like.  One of the more popular by-products of the Discovery Tours is the opportunity to explore some of the real estate bargains on the North Coast.


bob and carol January 9, 2017 at 6:40 am

Heh heh;
I THOUGHT that was a winch I saw on the front of YODA! Don’t forget a block and tackle too, Barry:-)
As for 2017, we have sat down and decided we will be moving there by the fall. We had to postpone our move because my entire family moved here to Alberta last year from Ontario. We felt it would have been in poor taste to say welcome to Alberta guys and goodbye we are leaving for the DR now!! Of course this probably means all our paperwork for temporary visas will be out of date and will have to be done over again. Who cares, it’s just paperwork. Like our American friends we are very happy Trump won. He may postpone the inevitable for a decade or more but the 4th Turning will not be denied I think.
What a lovely beach. And it even has food! Not that we are beach people per se but one does have to know where they are and how to get to them for when the inevitable
family and friends visit. Say Happy New Year to your lovely wife and Johnny and everyone else we met there.

Bob and Carol Sommer

Barry January 10, 2017 at 8:56 pm

Funny they’re coming and your going. Nice to see your comment. I’ll be sure to pass on your regards. Do the same for us here on this side.

Paul P January 16, 2017 at 2:31 pm

My thoughts will be based on our brief time in the DR. I read tons in advance. Maybe too much. I asked a lot of questions from afar. Actually I asked real stupid questions. Thankfully people have patience.

There is a quote” Grain by Grain a loaf….Stone by Stone a castle.

Take your time. Patience will reward you.

In our town north of Toronto there was a guy with a house by the beer store. People said welfare case. Empty beer bottles on the deck. Always sitting there smoking. A beer in one and smoke in the other. I always thought to myself..regardless of what others would say….the guy doesn’t have a worry in the world? The system is the system and wont ever change regardless whose in power. At the end of life we all die? What should each day be like until then?

We have one of the oldest established beer joints in the Province. After a event in my life I took a year off work. Burnt out. I spent that summer in old shorts and t shirts. I would sit in this establishment bumming a smoke in exchange for beers. The people I met included some of the most brilliant minds that left high ranking positions with universities and business. Like me sitting across from them we looked like local yokal bums. They sold everything and now worked as plumber or carpenters. No previous experience. Some had money others didn’t. Many hated their employment. I found the same story across the country.

We cant help ourselves for love or money. We need to be consumers of things.

The certainty in our life is we are going to die one day and we don’t know when. We might/will suffer sickness. if not us someone around us. It will happen, does often and yet we refuse to listen and learn.

Knowing what I Know I might find a Spanish school. We had students that went to school in the capital and did not have the freedoms that we have on North Coast. They will help you find accommodations. The benefit is rubbing shoulders with expats living in the DR, teachers and other students. Come for 2 weeks.
WE went on field excursions for dancing, volley ball and dinners.

Meeting people will lead to changes. Case in point we have new friends and I played hockey yesterday. First time in a long time. What a great day. Ball hockey of course. They have a car and we can access it whenever we need.

Earlier in the day..We went for a long walk up the road past pastures of cows and chickens. The dirt is as red as PEI. It was a wonderful 1.5 hours. Along the way we came across a small Casa. Young kids living there. Today we will drop off some clothing and gifts. Its a humbling opportunity.

Later..We watched the football game. Green Bay scraping by Dallas. In a bar opened to the elements. 2 Beers, 2 vodkas and 3 plates of finger foods was approx 15 dollars.

The rewards of living here are best shared by long term people. Im only providing a short time review. I am a follower and thanks to all find myself in this life.

The real benefits moving us forward with a smile each day especially include Dominicans that come to work always embracing and laughing and greeting each other with kindness. Forget the poverty. Its like comparing US case of beet to Canadian price of beer. It is what it is. These people are warm. They smile often.

People write and share this without much success. The words of wisdom don’t resonate. Why I’m I so tenacious and yet so blind?

Life is precious, your health the most important and real friendships to be found your searching in one of the right places. Home is someplace for each. A short flight for canucks and you can go back as often as you want.

However in discussions you come to find they don’t go back often anymore. The change is intimate.

I quit smoking after a business meeting in Mexico city 2 weeks prior to coming here. Its been 13 or 15 weeks. I lost count. This place has grown on me unlike any other. I needed to change. The beaches are amazing and cost nothing. The water as clear and warm and yours to enjoy with unlimited sunrises and sunsets. Public transportation here is engaging. Learning the language rewarding.

Always my heartfelt thanks to leaders that left home lands in search of change. I used up too much of my own life working and worrying when i could have made changes to locate balance.


Barry January 17, 2017 at 4:05 pm

Thanks for sharing. As mentioned a closed mind is the costilest thing you will ever own. Over time it will cost you everything. Glad to see greater numbers are experiencing change.

Chris Pauschenwein January 27, 2017 at 8:22 pm

Thank you for your story…….. need a change too. Happy for you…. hopefully I meet you expats sometime soon!


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