Discovering Another Deserted Beach On The North Coast

Beach Near Cabrera Dominican RepublicI just love the North Coast of the Dominican Republic near Cabrera.  It seems that if you point your car down any path or road toward the ocean you will end up discovering another unspoiled, uncrowded beach just waiting for you to settle in for a nice day on the beach.

On our free North Coast Discovery Tours we typically get a chance to take our guests to just a couple of the beaches, but there are so many more just waiting for you when you get here.  It is very rare that you will have to fight the crowds up here on most of the North Coast beaches.  Today we will just take a quick peek at one more of the many deserted beaches near Cabrera.

Nothing Better Than Fresh Fish Dinner On The Beach

Nothing Better Than Fresh Fish Dinner On The Beach

One of the best bargains here on the North Coast is to grab a partner and head out to almost any of the deserted beaches along the coast.  You will typically find at least one, and frequently more little wooden shacks on the beach where the local vendors will cook you a great tasting and abundant meal of freshly caught fish or free range chicken along with rice, beans and sometimes a salad.  Oftentimes they can even supply a table just for you to sit out on the beach under a palm or almond tree to enjoy your meal.  Of course they typically offer an array of beverages including beer, fresh fruit juices or bottled waters.  The price of these great meals is usually pretty cheap for all you get.   It makes a fun morning or afternoon diversion and it is very unlikely you will ever feel crowded on most of these beaches.

Today we take a quick little peek at one of the nearby beaches that I have never taken any of our DR Escapes Discovery Tour participants to.


There are so many choices that it is simply not possible to visit them all.  I thought I would just give you one more perspective of the types of beach experiences that await you when you can spend some time down here.  Sorry about the crackling of the audio… battery fading in and out.


Come visit us on one of our Discovery Tours.  Let us share with you what it is like to have a place on the island.

Paul Pierson January 12, 2017 at 12:16 pm

Life after having bought property and moved here 1-1/2 years ago is still amazing. The Beaches are awesome including the #1 kite surfing beach in the world 45 minutes away to more than 7 secluded tropical paradise beaches within 10 minutes of home ( Cabrera ). The sites and landscape is beautiful all the time and never gets old. It’s not for everyone but the lifestyle is relaxing, great food, exercise and we have many friends both Gringos and Dominicanos. 72-88 degrees 24/7 365 ( extremes 69 & 91) and the sun appears 93% of days. We love it here!!!! Thanks to Barry, Liane & Their Free D.R. Escapes tour 3 years ago led us and many of our friends to our little piece of paradise!

Johnny January 12, 2017 at 2:37 pm

I Agree,been my home for many years.After leaving the country after many years i realise how much i miss it.Looking forward to coming home to my paradise.Regards johnny

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