Los Gringos Beach East Of Nagua – Yet Another Uncrowded Beach On The North Coast

Los Gringos Beach In Nagua Dominican RepublicLos Gringos Beach in Nagua is one of those fairly well developed beaches that can be quite crowded on holidays and the occasional weekend.  However on most weekdays you can have the whole beach to your self.  Nagua is a busy town of about 80,000 people so you can imagine how festive this beach can be at party time.

While I was shopping for truck tires over in Nagua the other day I thought I would take a couple minutes to stop by the Los Gringos beach just to let you see what it offers.  For larger groups this is a popular beach because of the grass roofed huts and abundance of food and beverage vendors.  During festivals, holidays and some weekends this beach rocks and is a favorite for locals.

Los Gringos Beach In Nagua Dominican Republic

Los Gringos Beach In Nagua Dominican Republic

As I have explained many times before, there is no shortage of things to see or places to go on this large island.  We have been here for years and there are still plenty of places for us to discover and explore and I am sure you would find the same.  Beaches are just one of the diversions.  Personally I like 4 wheeling around on the many backroads through the mountains even better than the beaches, but it is great to have both at our fingertips.


We have never taken our DR Escapes Discovery Tour guests to the Los Gringos beach because there are plenty of closer alternatives, however when Johnny wanted to throw a graduation party for his English School students he picked Los Gringos because of its amenities and proximity to his school in Nagua.


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