Cabrera To Puerto Plata Airport To Pick Up Our Latest Expats

Puerto Plata Airport To Pick Up Newest Cabrera NeighborsWe have met hundreds of families over the last few years of our free Discovery Tours of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  I have to say that it has been a real joy.  But one of the most satisfying experiences is to make that trip to the airport to pick up the latest family that has decided to make the move and become our latest neighbor in Cabrera…. and that is what we are doing today in this little series of videos.

I have talked to enough people that have worked through their own decision making process to know how challenging it can be to finally decide to pack your stuff, leave your home country and relocate to a new country.  It is obviously harder for some than for others and the reasoning is different for each family I meet.

See You At The Beach

See You At The Beach

Some come for the more laid back lifestyle.  Some come because they can live a better life for a lot less budget.  Other come for the adventure and new experiences.  Some come because they have lost faith in their home government and economy.  Some come to help others.  Some come to be near the beach and to escape the cold.  It varies and for most families it is some combination of many of these things.

As you will overhear in one of the video segments below, the extreme division of the US along political and other lines has played a part in helping this family to make the move now rather than later……


It seems that they feel that the whole atmosphere in the US has become quite contentious making the relative laid-back lifestyle of Cabrera seem pretty inviting.

Come along on my ride over to Puerto Plata to the airport to pick up our latest Cabrera neighbors.

Funny thing happened on the way to the airport.  Listen in as I am flagged down on the road as I am leaving Cabrera.  This was a surprise, but really kind of neat.  I just met this couple the day before and had an opportunity to show them our little oceanview development up on the ridgeline overlooking Playa Diamante to Cabrera.  Of course they liked it but who knows whether I would ever see them again.  It works like that sometimes.  But, as you listen in to this first little video, you can hear their excitement about the project and even hear them say that they will be sending over house plans to get the builders to work up the budget to build a small home on one of the lots.  Totally unexpected, but I think this couple will be a welcome addition to our little Cabrera expat family.


So I finally get back on the road headed for the Puerto Plata airport to pick up our latest Cabrera neighbors.  Along the way I chat a bit about the trip and why I enjoy this type of trip.  And, of course, no trip to Puerto Plata would be the same without passing through hectic Gaspar Hernandez enroute.


An finally I get to the airport to pick up our new neighbors.  I love how informal the Puerto Plata airport is, allowing me to take the short cut right up to the loading area with no fuss.  Along the way, listen in as we catch up on what is going on in the States and just a little of our conversation about politics and the apparent “great divide” of opinion in the United States.  This is certainly not the first family that has expressed concern about how contentious American society has become on so many fronts, not just politics.   This is always an interesting perspective for me since I have not lived up north for over twenty years now, but it certainly sounds a lot different from my recollections.  More and more I am hearing this as one of the reasons that families are opening up to the idea of a more laid back lifestyle down here on the island.


I really do encourage you to come down for one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours.  Meet some expats.  Meet some locals.  Check out what it is like to live in the Caribbean.  Check out the beaches.  Find out if you really could live better for less.


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