Cabrera Central Park Gets A Big Face Lift – Great For The Village

Cabreera Dominican Republic Central Park RenewalThe central park of many Latin towns and villages is the life blood of the community. That is certainly true here in the village of Cabrera on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. For those of you who have ventured to Cabrera in the past, you will notice all the improvements in landscaping and hardscaping. It is a much more inviting park, with more seating and very low maintenance features.

I like what they have done in the central park and I am sure it will be even more popular for the citizens and visitors alike. On this Sunday morning I was in the park to start my research into one of the mountain bike events that are popular in the Dominican Republic. On this event I am told that there will be over 300 participants. More on that in a future video.

It turns out that the Dominican Republic offers the perfect variation of topography for mountain biking competitions and outtings. We offer the highest mountains in the Caribbean, up to 10.700 feet right along with roads that hug the beaches at sea level for miles. Of course overlooking the sea level coastline on the North Coast you will find ample mountain roads with dramatic views of both the coast and the valleys.


You might wonder why I make such a big deal about seemingly simple little improvements here in Cabrera ………….


I realize that taxpayer funded construction projects, road improvements and even huge new skyscrapers are the norm in the States, Canada and in many larger European cities.  So why make a fuss about our little park improvements.  I suppose it is because it is all relative.  Not too many years ago our major highway along the North Coast was riddled with potholes big enough to swallow a volkswagon.  There were very few resources to even patch the roads much less improve the parks.  Despite the lack of resources, most of the villages and towns did their best to keep the streets clean and the atmosphere family friendly.

Cabrera Dominican Republic Central Park Revamped

Cabrera Dominican Republic Central Park Revamped

Now, with all the renewed emphasis on building new schools, paving roads that we never expected to be paved and even renewal of our parks it is evident that the prosperity of the island is being shared with the communities.  The citizans of these little villages like Cabrera take great pride in their communities and it is good to see good things happen for them.

From an expat’s perspective, living here in Cabrera is a little like living in Mayberry, except with internet.  Just slower and more peaceful lifestyle that many of us enjoy.

I have to admit, if i was one of the many disenfranchised Washington staffers or politicians facing retirement and upcoming years of politics I was not so keen on this is exactly the type of off-the-radar place I would seek out for my retirement.  Something refreshing about spending your days on the beaches or shopping for natural products at bargain prices.


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