Cabrera Dominican Republic Mayor Jorge Cavoli Shares His Vision For Cabrera

Cabrera Mayor Jorge CavoliCabrera Dominican Republic is a village on the move.   We had and opportunity to interview the current Cabrera mayor, Jorge Cavoli, about his vision for Cabrera and his commitment to serve and protect all foreigners and expats that visit or move to Cabrera.

Jorge is serving his third term as mayor of Cabrera and is known as a visionary and inspired leader of this growing North Coast coastal village. Cabrera continues to be a safe and welcoming community that welcomes foreigners from the United States. Canada, Europe and other countries. As Jorge points out in his interview, many of the citizens of Cabrera appreciate the foreigners and treat them very much as they would family. Of course the region is rich in beauty and culture, with some of the most unspoiled and beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic, adjoining dramatic mountain ridges and valleys. Farming, fishing, commerce and tourism are all well entrenched and sustainable in Cabrera and the surrounding communities.

We covered a lot of important topics in this short interview…..


that will be of interest if you are already living in Cabrera or are simply wanting to visit.  We discussed attitudes, visions and actions and how they will impact all of the foreigners and locals alike in this little village.

Jorge recognizes the need for safety, security, infrastructure and environmental measures to continue to make Cabrera what many of us believe is the best place in the Dominican Republic to live.

Jorge is especially attune to the need for continuous improvement in security and infrastructure.  As Jorge points out, on his watch as mayor of Cabrera there have been very few incidents of violence toward foreigners and no deaths.  He says during the six years in the interim between the end of his second term and when  his new third term started, that “the local authorities lost the grip on the town.  They maybe believed that Cabrera was such a safe town that security was not a concern.  And crimes surprised the authorities.”   Jorge believes that as mayor you must maintain supervision on the police and stay focused and involved in the community to maintain the level of security that foreigners and locals alike demand.  As Mayor Cavoli pointed out, even when the community experienced the small number cases of violence against foreigners, it appears that those did not involve home grown criminals.


The very positive message on security by Mayor Cavoli is that security is one of his highest objectives and that appropriate resources and supervision will be focused on keeping the citizens and visitors to Cabrera safe.

Mayor Cavoli also committed to using both local resources and assistance by the Federal government to work on security, infrastructure and environmental needs to continue to make Cabrera the safest and best town in the Dominican Republic, and one that is welcoming and grateful for the influx of foreigners that want to now call Cabrera home.

Like many of my fellow expats and local friends, I believe we are lucky to have Jorge willing to once again serve as our mayor for our little village of Cabrera here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.


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