Hand Rolled Cigars In Rio San Juan – Jhonny Alduino Explains Why Expats Prefer Cabrera And Rio San Juan

Hand Rolled Dominican Cigars In Rio San JuanAs you probably know, I like a good hand rolled Dominican cigar every now and then.  Today we will stop by one of my favorite little local cigar and gift shops in Rio San Juan to get Jhonny Alduino’s thoughts on why he thinks so many foreigners prefer the Cabrera and Rio San Juan region of the North Coast.

Jhonny has a particularly interesting perspective since so many foreigners seek him out to learn the ropes about cigar selection and the fine art of enjoying a cigar.  It turns out that Jhonny is fluent in Spanish, English, French and German which makes him the ideal contact point for many expats.  Jhonny grew up in Santo Domingo and attended school there before moving up to the Puerto Plata area for work.  He has a good handle on what foreigners really like about the North Coast.

In this series of videos……..


Jhonny tells us about his background and shares his thoughts about expat life here on the North Coast.


In this Part 2 of our interview series, Jhonny shares a little more about what he thinks is so special about this region of the country.  And it is not just the beautiful unspoiled beaches, mountains and valleys.  It is the people.  People that are so accepting and welcoming to foreigners from all parts of the world.


Meeting and getting to know locals like Jhonny Alduino is one of the things I like best about living in Cabrera.  These are genuinely good people that can enrich your life if you take the time to get to know them.



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