Cemetary Beach Has Come A Long Way Over A Few Years

Cemetary Beach Near Cabrera

Cemetary Beach Near Cabrera

While there are no shortages of almost deserted beaches to enjoy in and around Cabrera, it is always interesting to see how they are maturing.  One such beach is the little Cemetary Beach in Rio San Juan.  If you recall, we took a stroll through this area a few years ago and it was virtually undeveloped and most tourists would never find it, even if they were looking.  Now, in 2017 it is nice to see that they have added some amenities and you can sit under a shaded palapa or in a small  open air restaurant to enjoy the views.  Below I posted my most recent visit, along with the video of my visit to this same area several years ago.  Notice a difference?

Now for the videos…..


Notice how much more inviting a trip to Cemetary Beach is today.


Now lets take a little trip back in time to see what this area was like back in 2013.


As we have pointed out many times before, it is not very hard to find an uncrowded beach to lounge around on, especially on the weekdays.  There is never an excuse not to get out and enjoy our beautiful beaches and mountains.

Pete Meyers April 2, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Great video of Cemetary Beach. My family will be staying in Cabrera for a month this summer and Cemetary Beach looks like a place we will want to visit! We presently live in Miami but the beaches here are filled with skyscraper condos! The unspoiled beaches in the Dominican Republic are what we love!

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