Young Canadian Couple With Toddler Plan Their Move To Cabrera Dominican Republic

Canadian Couple With Toddler Explore CabreraWe meet plenty of retirees from the US, Canada and Europe who are seriously considering a move offshore for a better, more laid-back and more affordable retirement.  But it is not every day that we meet such a young couple with a toddler that has decided to say goodbye to all the bureaucracy and governmental meddling as this young Canadian couple has.  They bring an interesting perspective to the whole offshore lifestyle that many others may find useful.

While this couple does have family ties to the Dominican Republic, they are Canadians that are not enthralled with the direction their country is headed in.  Probably more that most, because of an almost 10 year history of exploring the island and getting to know locals on their many visits to the island they have developed an in depth knowledge of what the island has to offer and have had plenty of opportunity to compare the lifestyle here on the island to their country life up in Canada.  As you will see in the video they have finally decided to make the move and they share their reasons…..

Like so many of our recent Canadian visitors, this couple is also seeing the negative impacts of higher taxes, out of control social programs, misguided immigrant open door policies and growing bureaucratic control over their daily lives.  Unlike so many other Canadians, this young couple has already had an opportunity to explore what life might be like in a new country.

As a young couple with a toddler they face some additional challenges.   What about schools?  What about jobs or business ownership?  What about a second language?  What about healthcare?  Listen to what they have learned as they did their own research with feet on the ground.


If there is any way we can help you explore the Dominican Republic let us know.  One of the easiest ways to get started in you research is on one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours.


Kirk and Jazmin May 1, 2017 at 10:55 am

Thank you for everything you do Barry, Liane, Johnny and all the others who help with DRescapes. Helping people see the possibilities of living in another country. How better and healthier your life can be if you can just over come your fears. We are so happy we decided to come and meet you guys a few years ago. Before then all of this seemed more of a dream then reality. The help and advice you provide is almost unbelievable. But it is nothing but true. People now a days have a hard time believing that an opportunity like a FREE discover your destination tour, is actually FREE!!
We are so happy we have become friends with such amazing people who donate almost all their time to help others see what life should really be like.
Again thank you for everything you have done for us.
We hope the people sitting on the fence post see these videos and take the opportunity to come and see what the DR has to offer.

Thanks again Barry, Liane and Johnny

Barry May 7, 2017 at 2:38 pm

Thank you for the comment.

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