Pittsburg PA Resident Sets His Sites On A Better Life In Cabrera Dominican Republic

Pittsburg PA Father Discovers A New Home In Cabrera Dominican RepublicAs I have mentioned in earlier posts, Cabrera Dominican Republic has been solidly on the radar for future retirees for several years.  Not only is it a beautiful little beachside village, it also offers the opportunity for year-round perfect weather and a lower cost of living for retirees on a fixed budget.

But lately, we are seeing a another trend develop.  Younger people with young families are also discovering the quiet, laid-back, affordable lifestyle that Cabrera offers.  Each year we receive hundreds of requests for information about our free North Coast Discovery Tours from people from all over the world.  More requests come from Americans and Canadians because the DR is so near, and up until recently the larger majority of requests came from people approaching or in retirement.  In the last year though, we have received an increasing number of requests from younger families seeking a less traditional path for their families….


Many of our younger visitors tell us that they are becoming less enthusiastic about their opportunities and freedoms back home and are seeking a simpler lifestyle for their young families.  They are attracted to the fact that the Cabrera area offers a sustainable supply of the freshest fruits, vegetables, seafoods and meats at reasonable price and that real estate prices on gorgeous oceanview properties are within reach for even a young couple with kids.  They are also finding that the local international schools can provide a quality education for their kids.

In todays video, we interview one young father from Pittsburg PA that may have just found his new home in Cabrera.  Listen to what Dane has to say about his week exploring expat life in the Cabrera area.


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