Touring The Dominican Republic On A Harley

Explore The Dominican Republic On A HarleyThere are so many different ways to experience all that the Dominican Republic has to offer, especially on the North Coast and up in the mountains of Constanza and Jarabacoa.  While you see thousands of smaller motor bikes and scooters in every town, you do not see nearly as many larger bikes, like Harleys or Gold Wings.  But they are here if you look, and what more exciting way to explore this island.  Of course there are rentals available in some of the larger cities and in the major tourist areas.  If you choose to move here and establish residence here you may also want to bring your bike with you when you move.

Harley On The Beach Trails In The Dominican Republic

Harley On The Beach Trails In The Dominican Republic

As you will see in this couple videos, there is plenty of different topography to explore.  We did not shoot these videos, but it was interesting watching them and trying to identify where the various shots were taken.  See how many places you can recognize.  There are quite a number of North Coast and Jarabacoa recognizable spots.

For the area near Cabrera… think Dudu, Playa Diamante, La Entrada to name a few…..



Or check out another Harley tour video for a little different perspective.


If you are not familiar with this area then you should seriously consider participating in one of our frequent free North Coast Discovery Tours.  Participants tell us that they discover more in a week than they could have discovered on their own in a month.  Give it try, what do you have to lose.


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