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Jarabacoa River From AboveIf you have followed us for any time at all you know that we really enjoy our daytrips out of Cabrera.  One of our favorite weekend escapes is to the mountain region around Jarabacoa and Constanza.  The mountain region offers a great change in scenery compared to the unspoiled beaches surrounding Cabrera.  We have taken you along on several of our trips up into the mountains and hope you appreciate just how diverse the topography and micro-climates are here on this huge island.

Jarabacoa Area Farms

Jarabacoa Area Farms

Today we thought we would share a little different perspective of the Jarabacoa region.  A birds-eye perspective of some of what you can expect up in the Jarabacoa region.

The two youtube videos shown below are by a drone operator named Oscar Flores and were taken on several of his recent visits to Jarabacoa.  While the landscape is quite dramatic with its peaks and valleys and rivers, you will also note that there is a good bit of natural farming in the valleys in the area….


Maybe when you are here on one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours you can extend your trip to take in a little side trip over to Jarabacoa.


And take a look at this pass over a few of the many local farms.


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