Canadian Couple Finally Discovers Cabrera Dominican Republic After 8 Trips To The DR

Canadian Travelers Discover Cabrera Dominican RepublicWe love to hear what travelers from across the globe think of our hidden little village of Cabrera on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  These observations of Rob and Michelle from Canada are no exception.  In fact, their perceptions may be even a bit more telling.

You see, Rob and Michelle are pretty experienced world travelers and they have been to various resorts and towns all over the DR over their 8 previous visits to the island.  They loved what they experienced in earlier visits, and even ventured out from their resorts into the local communities to get a feel for local life.  But they had never explored the area around our little village of Cabrera.  At least not until this 9th visit to our island.

On The Backroads With Our Canadian Travelers

On The Backroads With Our Canadian Travelers

On this trip they spent a full week with us in Cabrera and got to ride the backroads, check out the unspoiled beaches, chow down on some great local meals, wander the malecon and spend some time with like minded expats.  Listen to what they have to say about their free North Coast Discovery Tour, keeping in mind that they have traveled the DR much more than most Americans or Canadians.  When they finally discovered Cabrera I believe they finally found home……


Check out what Rob and Michelle discovered about the village of Cabrera and what they thought about their Discovery Tour.


Now, it’s your turn to step a little out of your comfort zone and go exploring.  Whether it is our little village on the North Coast of the Dominican republic, or some other expat friendly spot on the globe, now is the time to explore and figure out whether life has more to offer you and your family.  We have made it as painless as possible to explore this region of the North Coast with our Discovery Tours but we can’t pry you off the sofa.  That is up to you.



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