Dominican Republic North West Road Trip – Headed Toward The Haiti Border

North West Dominican Road TripOne region of the Dominican Republic that we have not yet covered in our many road trips is the North West region of the country.  We had a few days off so Johnny and I decided to take a road trip into that region.  You know us.  We will take every opportunity we can to get off the main highway and set out an explore.  We did not preplan our trip, opting for a “let the road take us where it might” routine.  So, to be perfectly honest, we don’t know where we might end up, but it should be an interesting adventure.

Until the big cruise ships started landing in the new port just outside Puerto Plata, this region was not heavily explored by tourists and expats.  And relative to many other parts of the Dominican Republic, this region is still pretty lightly explored.  Which is kind of ashamed since there is plenty to see in this area and interesting  history.  As you head toward the North West corner of the country you will eventually run into the border with Haiti.  Given the long off and on history between the DR and Haiti, many of our readers have been interested in learning more about this region.  Hopefully this little road trip video series will serve as an introduction before you head out on your own road trip.  Now to the first video….


This first little segment is just part one of our little adventure.  Keep watching the blog and our Youtube channel for more in this series over the next few days.




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