Lunch In Puerto Plata At Las Palmas – Continuing Our Road Trip In The North West

Puerto Plata Las Palmas RestaurantJoin Johnny and me as we stop at the Las Palmas restaurant in Puerto Plata for a nice Italian meal as we start our little road trip into the North West corner of the island.  Las Palmas is a nice little hidden gem sheltered from the normal hustle and bustle of busy Puerto Plata.  The Italian food is great and the grounds surrounding the restaurant is very peaceful.  Check it out next time you are in Puerto Plata.  I don’t think you will be unhappy.

From Puerto Plata we are headed over to Luperon later today.  Luperon is secondary tourist attraction.  The town got it’s start as a timber trading port and today Luperon bay is ideal for sheltering from hurricanes, and many boats anchor there during the hurricane season.   Folklore has it that Christopher Columbus had to enter the bay to protect his ships from a storm. Columbus named it “Bahia de Gracias” (Thanksgiving Bay), the current official name.  But for now lets check out Las Palmas video ….

Puerto Plata can be a fairly hectic little seaside city, but it also has its charms.  Puerto Plata is home to several resorts (Playa Dorada and Costa Dorada) and is the site of the new Amber Cove cruise ship docks that are bring in about 5,000 tourists per week on average.  It is estimated that there are around 12,000 hotel rooms in the city.


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