So How Do You Shoot Video On The Luperon Ferry Docks When They Are Closed?

Luperon Ferry DockAs you know if you have watched our videos or read our blog for any time at all, “flexibility” is one of the things we like about our life here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  Our little visit to the ferry dock in Luperon reminds us again why.  Turns out the Luperon ferry dock was closed on the day we visited Luperon.  The gate was closed and the guard was in place.  So do we give up, or do we test out just how flexible the Luperon dock guard really was.

After explaining that we had driven 3 or 4 hours just to shoot a little video on the ferry dock the guard was a little sympathetic.  Maybe not sympathetic enough to let us on the dock, but sympathetic none the less.  Hmmmm.  Second try….  maybe a little “gift” for the guard for all the effort of lifting the gate….  we settled on 25 pesos (53 cents US) and he was happy.  We doubled it to 50 pesos to show our appreciation.  Love that flexibility.  As you will see in this little video……


It turns out there was not a lot to see, but how would we have known if we hadn’t tried.  Come with us out on the dock and see for yourself.



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