Luperon Beach Reminds Me Of Boca Beach Near Cabrera

Luperon Beach RoadWe couldn’t visit Luperon without also checking out the beach.  It has probably been 6 or 7 years since we have checked out the beaches in Luperon so we were curious how they have held up.  We are pleased to say that they are every bit as beautiful as we remember them.  This Grand beach in Luperon reminds us a lot of the Boca beach just outside of our home base in Cabrera Dominican Republic.  This beach is a large crescent shaped white sand beach that offers plenty of privacy for the many visitors that probably visit this beach each year.

The path to the beach is not marked with signs so you sort of need to know how to get there, but once you do you will find the roads are well maintained and open to all sorts of vehicles.  As in most of the beaches on the North Coast, there are plenty of places to park right beside the beach and it is perfectly ok to pick your spot and build a cook fire right on the beach.  See if this beach reminds you of Entrada’s Boca beach.


As you will see in this video, there is probably over a mile of unspoiled and uncrowded beach just waiting for you.


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