North West Road Trip – Day One Wrap Up

Mao Dominican Republic FortSo far in our little road trip through the North West region of the Dominican Republic we have seen nothing that really rivals all that we have right here in the village of Cabrera, but it is only day one.  Somehow we managed to turn what would be a simple 3 hour trip for most folks into a full day of roaming around on every country road we could find to get from Cabrera over to Luperon, then on to the town of Mao.  Of course this is only after the first day of our road trip, but so far the Cabrera area is still king.

But we are just getting started on this little NW adventure so we will see what is in store for the upcoming days.  Glad to have you come along with us as we turn down every unmarked road we can find, just to see where they end up.  In this video we wrap up our first day on the road…..


… and chat about what is next on the agenda as we grab a few cups of Dominican coffee and drive out of Mao.  Mao is very much like Nagua.  A business and shopping town of a little over 100,000 people.  Hustle and bustle and typical Dominican city.  Check out this video and see where we are headed next.


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