Monte Cristi Clock Tower In The Old Town

Monte Cristi Clock TowerOn the way out toward the beach in Monte Cristi Dominican Republic we passed by the clock tower in the older part of town.  Having grown up for several years in the Florida Keys, this part of Monte Cristi reminds me a little of the early Keys before the major development.  It is common to see old clapboard houses and buildings in this part of Monte Cristi.  Some of the more interesting buildings appear to be under restoration right now.

The park around the clock tower is nicely landscaped and well maintained.  Check it out if you make it over to Monte Cristi…..


In this little video we take a quick pass around the clock tower and the little park surrounding it.  Looking forward to heading on out toward the beach area of Monte Cristi.  From what I remember, there are some nice views.



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