Monte Cristi Beach Run – How Would You Know If You Did Not Explore

Monte Cristi Beach RoadContinuing our little road trip through the North West region of the Island, today we will check out one stretch of beach along the coast in Monte Cristi.  It always amazes me that it is so easy to find beaches that stretch miles yet have no one on them.  No crowds. No giant condos.  No hustle and bustle.  Just nice quiet beaches waiting to be discovered.

I remember this stretch of beach and a few of the little hotels from my last trip over to Monte Cristi almost 7 years ago.  Not much has changed.  Maybe a few more small hotels, but mostly the same.  Of the towns we have visited on this North West road trip, we think Monte Cristi has the most to offer and warrants a visit again.

After our little run down the beach road, we will stop for a dinner in the next video.  I remember this restaurant from years ago.  I hope it is as good as I remember.

But first, lets explore the beach road…..


As you will see in the video, the beach was deserted, so we decided to ride back right on the beach.



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