Monte Cristi And Some Serious Ruts In The Road Up The Mountain

Monte Cristi Cliffs By The OceanHeading on down the malecon road we are headed to the end of the road and to a cliff lined beach I remember from years ago.  The roads are better and there have been a few access changes, but the views are still just as impressive.  Along the way we noticed a rarely used, if ever, road heading up the side of the little mountain.  Of course, we couldn’t resist giving it a try… it is what we do when we have 4 wheel drive.

Monte Cristi Rough Road Up The MountainYou will see in this little video how a barely accessible road quickly degrades to some serious washout and ruts in the road.  But, we didn’t let that stop us.  We wanted to see if we could get to the top so shoot a little video for our readers.  So, we did.

In this video you will see what we were up against, and in the next video we will share some of the views from the top….


I am still convinced that this is a worthwhile place to visit on you free Discovery Tour if you can stay a few extra days.


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