Monte Cristi – Finally Made It To The Top – WOW

Monte Cristi Made It To The TopIf you have been following our little trip through Monte Cristi Dominican Republic you know that we had to scratch the itch to somehow get to the top of that little mountain just outside Monte Christi to see what we could see.  We finally made it.  As you watch this video, keep your eye on the front of Yoda as we try to navigate through the rather extreme ruts in this “road”.  And I do use the term “road” rather loosely as you will see.  Just be happy that we were using the camera stabilizer so that you did not have to rock and roll along with Yoda.

Monte Cristi View Of The CliffsAs you know, we love exploring this wonderful island and we love getting off the main roads to sample some of the places that most tourists never see.  This was definitely one of those little diversions.   This trail up the little mountain was probably better for mountain goats than most cars.  But then, that is what makes it a challenge.

Come along as we work our way to the top and check out the views….


You will notice, as I fight the “road”, that I shared my confusion about which of our Dominican Republic adventures I liked the best.  There are so many different things to see and places to visit in this great island country.  From the highest mountains in the Caribbean to desert flats.  From lush agriculture valleys to quaint little fishing villages.  From hectic crowded cities to tiny mountainside villages.  I have to say that I really like all regions I have visited and it is hard to pick a favorite.  Of course, for a home base I have to say that nothing beats Cabrera with its slower pace of life, stunning beaches, quaint village atmosphere and friendly people.  But there are so many other interesting places to visit too.


One of the things I like best about our free North Coast Discovery Tours is sharing this wonderful island with new visitors.  It is heartwarming to see the expressions in their faces as they discover that there is so much more to the North Coast than what they had expected, and so much more than they have seen in other smaller Caribbean Islands.

Chillin on the backroads. Come see us.

Chillin on the backroads. Come see us.

I can’t tell you how many times we have heard… “I was afraid I would have ‘cabin fever’ trapped on a little island, but this place is huge and there is so much to see and do”.  If you do choose to participate in one of our free Discovery Tours, and why wouldn’t you, you definitely may want to set aside a few extra days to go exploring.


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