Wrapping Up Our Monte Cristi Visit – If We Make It Down Off The Trail

Oooops ... slipped into the ruts

Oooops … slipped into the ruts

Johnny decided to sit out the trip up the little mountain in Monte Cristi…. something about “not being crazy enough to chance sliding off into the ravine”.  As you will see in this video coming back down the hill on the “goat-trail”…   maybe Johnny had a point.  At one point along the way ole Yoda was leaning almost 40% as it slipped into some of the deeper ruts in the “road”.

Monte Cristi has been a good stop along our road trip through the North West region of the Dominican Republic.  We would definitely put it on the list for a followup visit on a future road trip to the region.  But now it is time for a good night’s rest and an early start to our next adventure.  While nothing about this trip is cast in concrete… we will probably head up to Punta Rucia then down toward the Jarabacoa region.

I promise, when you come participate in our free North Coast Discovery Tour, we will not drag you along on roads like the one you will see in today’s video…..


But I have to admit, I do love to put Yoda to the test now and then and this was an interesting little challenge in places.


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