Leaving Monte Cristi and Headed For Punta Rucia

Headed To Punta Rucia DRContinuing along on our road trip through the NW region of the DR, we packed up and headed out early from our Monte Cristi hotel.  Our next stop will be Punta Rucia up on the North Coast, between Monte Cristi and Puerto Plata.  Just to further illustrate the rural atmosphere you will find in most of these little Dominican towns, take a look at that “rottweiler” that we spotted on the sidewalk in front of the little comado we stopped in for a cup of coffee as we were leaving Monte Cristi.

Early Morning In Monte Cristi Dominican Republic

Early Morning In Monte Cristi Dominican Republic

As one of our readers recently commented… “these places look like the US did 30-50 years ago, just seems so much simpler.”  It is a simpler life living in the DR most of the time, yet there is very little we are really missing.  We have access to some of the freshest, naturally grown vegetables, fruits, meats and seafood year round, and usually at prices that would be considered a bargain in most “first world” nations.  We have affordable housing and warm weather year round.  And we live without the pressures of keeping up with anyone else or the need for a big paycheck because it is simply less expensive to live here.  Like I like to say… “we live in Mayberry, but with internet.”

Follow along……


….  on this very short video as we head out of Monte Cristi toward Punta Rucia.  Don’t forget to watch for that “Rottweiler”.


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