Punta Rucia Beach – Stepping Back In Time 30 Years

Punta Rucia Beach Punta Rucia Beach is almost as I remember it from 7 years ago, and I bet it has not changed much in the last 20 years.  I bet Punta Rucia is very similar to what Las Terenas looked like 30 or 40 years ago.  Before Las Terenas caught on with the European travel community and saw its continuing spurt of development.  Just a very quiet little fishing village hugging a big white-sand beach in the middle of nowhere.

Punta Rucia Beach ViewsMaybe not enough to keep you occupied for more than three days, but it would be a nice two or three day outing.  If you like to dive you will find opportunities with a local dive shop.  Also you can catch a local boat out to one of the little offshore islands for a day of deserted beach combing.

Punta Rucia Beach Typical ViewPunta Rucia is another prime example of why we like to go exploring on our little road trips in the Dominican Republic.  In the morning you can enjoy a deserted beach with beautiful palm-lined white-sand beaches then be in the mountains by the afternoon.  There is so much diversity in this big island.  There is absolutely no reason to ever experience that “cabin-fever” feeling that so many other smaller Caribbean islands suffer from.  This place is huge and diverse.  The people are friendly and the food is great.  Really not a bad place to live quite well on a social securty level budget.

Now lets check out the Punta Rucia beach road…..


Just a sandy beach road hugging the coast with an occasional local restaurant, comado or hotel.


How do you spend your days.  Trapped in a treadmill job or enjoying life?  Go exploring.  Let us help.




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