Leaving America – It Ain’t Coming Back

Grand Design Of DisruptionHave you noticed the apparent slow but sure disintegration of life as you knew it.  Many of your traditions and beliefs are under siege by a growing number of militants and extremists while violence and crime pits large portions of the citizenry against each other.  Black verses white.  Rich verses poor.  Left verses right.  Haves verses have-nots.  North verses south.  English-speaking verses non-English-speaking.  Liberal verses conservative.  Confederate decedents verses Union decedents.  Straight verses Gays.  etc, etc.  I wonder, is this just the confrontational nature of human beings, or are the people being manipulated by a corrupt, power hungry power group?  Is peace and harmony “bad for business”?

As we have discussed many times in the past, there are very powerful politicians, bankers and corporate giants that profit handsomely from unrest and the threat of chaos.  These same leaders continue to strengthen their power base and iron-fisted control with a fractured, insecure populace begging for the powers-that-be to step in and protect them.  And while the United States may be the most obvious example of this corruption in action, the same thing is happening throughout the European Union, Canada and most other “first world” countries.

Think I am crazy?  To me it as simple as following the money and power.  WHO profits from a military build up to address the growing international threats?  WHO profits from further militarization of police forces nationwide to quell the unrest?  WHO benefits when the citizens rush to the politicians to demand protection and peace?  WHO profits from the manipulation of the currencies?  WHO profits from financing all of this folly?   Understand the WHO and you can understand the WHY.

No…. it is not the same America, or Canada, or Spain, or France or Germany that you you grew up in.  WHY?….


As long as we're living under the umbrella of endless laws taxation permits and licensing we amount to little more than modern day slaves.The stakes are higher for the power elite, the urgency is accelerated and the extent they will go to make you a hopeless dependent has grown substantially.  That era of a free and easy lifestyle and relative safety is slipping away… slowly in many communities, much faster in others.  But slipping away none the less.

And in most of these countries, much of the population is facing the reality of a life of dependency and government hand outs.

Take America as an example.  The average working household has little to nothing saved for retirement. The median retirement-account balance is only $3,000 for working-age households and only $12,000 for households approaching retirement. In two-thirds of working households with earners between ages 55 and 64 years, at least one earner has saved less than one year’s income for retirement.  Many low- and moderate-income households rely entirely on Social Security for post-retirement income. Currently, Social Security and Supplemental Security Income account for more than 90% of income for retirees in the bottom 25% of the income distribution. Social Security payments account for  approximately 70% of the annual income of retirees in the middle 50%. Real facts, as depressing as they are, based on testimony of experts to the US congress.

Trust me, you are not going to live well in the United State on a paltry Social Security check.

From a lot of our readers, who tend to be much better prepared, I frequently hear something like but I am much better prepared, why do I care that so many people have not saved for retirement.”   A good question, but an important one to think about.

ProtestDependency aligns the perceptions (and votes) of a rapidly growing portion of the elder population with a growing segment of younger entitlement minded trouble-makers.  While philosophically divergent, these two growing groups may align more often to increase entitlements and further stress the financial system and stability in the streets.  People that have nothing to lose, risk little through unrest.  Why does this matter to you if you are working hard or have saved all your life to enjoy a good life in retirement?  Why?  Because somebody has to pay and somebody has to be the object of criticism for being “better off”.  Bingo, you win.  You will pay and you will be ostracized for being “better off”.

Same Solution For RetireesIt always interests me when a single solution can address problems at opposite ends of the spectrum.  But that might just be the case with a move offshore.   Cost savings, affordable living, great year-round weather and freshest foods seem to work for everyone.



  • For those people that have limited savings and must somehow get by on Social Security and maybe a small pension, living offshore might allow them to live a little better life on a much lower budget.  Costs like runaway property taxes, heating oil, city and county taxes are a thing of the past.  Cold winters and slushy ice and snow are over.  Even healthcare costs can be a small fraction of similar care in the US.  For many in this group, swapping the gray cityscapes for sunny beaches makes total sense.
  • Maybe even more importantly for the group that has saved and accumulated assets.  Investment or life offshore may allow the better prepared to dramatically improve their lifestyle while sheltering some of their assets.  There may be a day in the future when the government hand-out programs and disruption in the streets may make it untenable to live and travel easily.  Like in Cyprus and other European countries there may be a day when the easiest resources to grab to pay for all this nonsense is your 401k or savings.  For you, investing offshore is a form of diversification, generally just outside the grasp of hungry politicians.

Interesting that the same solution can help address the needs on both ends of the spectrum.

Life In The Caribbean - SweetOf course, we are partial to the Dominican Republic, specifically the North Coast of the DR, as a good offshore option.  We have lived in many countries, traveled the whole Caribbean and most of the tropical Pacific, and still find the North Coast of the Dominican Republic right for us.  We find an abundance of the freshest organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef, free-range poultry and the freshest seafoods for a fraction of the cost back in the US or Canada.  We find that the real estate prices are incomparable in the Caribbean.  And we find that the local people and the expats alike are some of the friendliest people we have met.  For us it is like living in “Mayberry with internet”.  In many ways, sort of like America as it used to be.

But whether the Dominican Republic is right for you or not only you can decide.  What I do know is that no matter which end of the spectrum you fall in, you should carefully analyze whether offshore living or investment fits in your plan.




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