We’re All Heading In The Same Direction

We’re all in a maze with no exit.

Before commencing with the subject matter of this post I’d like to mention a few topics that I hope will promote clarity for what follows. I first want to share what over the past six years have become new found realities. Why six years? Because that’s how long I’ve been meeting people through DR Escapes. During that time I’ve toured with well over 600 folks and met thousands more. You might be asking yourself so what’s so special about that, to which I’d reply. These people originated from all four corners of this planet. I mean almost EVERYWHERE and anybody who meets that volume of people stemming from all corners of the planet can’t help but learn from it, and I did.

The masses are kept in what appears to be a giant cell, a jail cell The hand of the few hold the key and until we recognize who our real enemy is will continue to remain shackled inside. It’s the space between the bars that keep us held at bay.

I’ve encountered so many experiences I could write a book, perhaps someday I will. In fact over the next few posts I’m going to share a few of these past involvements. These posts will purposely be fashioned on the lighter side with an emphasis on what the view looks like from our side of the counter. See if you can spot a little of yourself lying somewhere within the paragraphs. Guaranteed if taken in the correct context a good laugh is in store for all who read them.

Returning to my previous topic, just imagine being able to sit back and listen to people from all parts of the globe. If you ever get the opportunity to do so you’ll discover to a large extent most of their sacred beliefs can seem as wide apart as the geographical spread that lies between them. It’s by listening just absorbing what they had to say is how I arrived at my first new found reality.

Most beliefs parallel little more than a person’s geography. I’ve listened to a lot of folks explain their deepest held beliefs only to realize most are little more than the prominent beliefs of the geographic area they were raised in, interesting. But what I really found fascinating follows.

Just by asking a few simple questions it was rather obvious by their answers that little if any formal research was done as to WHY they chose to believe whatever it is they believe. Be it political economics even their chosen religion the vast majorities stem their beliefs from whatever was prominent in the region where they were raised or simply it was what they were born into. Simple as that sounds to a large degree is how most of us arrived at our so called deepest beliefs.

When I began accepting this as reality soon after a significant amount of personal baggage got lost. I no longer felt the need to drag it around. I’m no longer tethered to it. For personal reasons beyond the scope of this post this new found reality is what I certainly would consider a WOW moment in my own life. I encourage you to remember at its core truth is always simple. See if the example in next paragraph makes this a bit clearer.

Just as an example. The most orthodox Christian born in the Bible belt might not be if they happen to be born in Saudi Arabia and the opposite holds true. In fact because of their nature in all probably would be just as orthodox only towards the other religion! Regardless of your own personal beliefs just sit back for a minute and ponder that statement. Then add the geography aspect to it and apply it to all the people you know. See if it holds true for the dominant percentage of the people you know. See if it holds true for you?

Upon realization a whole new meaning of the saying “a person will die for their beliefs” came into focus. For the most part a person’s belief determines what they will make true. This can be dangerous because on a subconscious level their beliefs will become their realities. Shame so many hate hurt or die because of this simple misunderstanding. So that’s my first new found reality a by product of meeting so many hailing from different parts of the world. A person’s beliefs are largely determined by their geography or what they were born into.

A second new found reality I’ve discovered over the past six years is this. Except for a few we are all being led in the same direction. No matter what you personally believe, regardless of what side you lean towards, whatever the color of your covering is, your religious, sexual or political beliefs except for a very few don’t matter for squat! They all amount to little more than methods of dividing large masses into smaller masses. Smaller masses are easier to control. My second new found reality Except for a few we are all being led in the same direction.

Simply by listening to what I would term “the same thing but different” dialogues is how this second new found reality came to be. After what seemed to be a few hundred one sided conversations I started to recognize it’s not the problems that were so different. Upon closer inspection once again the variances were leaning more towards the person’s geography.

Taxes, inflation, Government corruption, personal freedoms, crime, violence essentially we’re facing the same basic issues. I found most variances were based on where they were residing, based on their geography. The generalized examples listed above once broken down further began to reveal it was the “laws of the land” that were making the subtle differences out of the same basic problems which is why I say. Except for a few we are all being led in the same direction.

It’s not relevant whether or not you understand this or even choose to accept it. The universe doesn’t care! The universe doesn’t respond that way it remains impartial. The few exceptions I mentioned earlier whom might they be? They’re the ones with the capability of keeping the illusion going a bit longer. By understanding our primordial fears and how to use them against us these groups have been leading us blindfolded down the path of their choosing for centuries, millenniums in cases involving older countries. For over two centuries the bought and paid for media’s of the western nation have been scrambling the public’s minds as if it were an egg.

There’s nothing new about that but in today’s world for most it’s a two salary family. That makes a big difference. Today’s realities are most people exhaust a large volume of their time just to make ends meet. They’re just trying to put food on the family table. Those reading this post and are grandparents know I’m being truthful when stating this. With little free time remaining is it any wonder so many are mixed up confused not even realizing what direction they’re being led in. Currently the citizens of most nations remain lost in an abyss with no sense of way. It’s only the controlling few that know which direction the masses are being led. But for some reason they’re leading us all in that same direction. This will only stop when enough of us demand that it stop. Until then get in line. The  path is narrow and the destination is the same for us all.

To efforts to provide some additional understanding to the above read on. Of the numerous possibilities out there the first example I’d like to use stems from a recent post on my second site. The post dealt with the overwhelming 419-3 vote giving a green light for additional sanctions aimed towards Russia. In it I mentioned: Whenever voting numbers are so one sided begin to understand what you’re witnessing mirrors the acts of either a communistic or totalitarian style of Government as opposed to a democratic one. The vote passed before the citizenry even knew about the legislation. Its first public appearance came after it had already passed! One of the most dangerous and controversial pieces of legislation secretly passes by a 419-3 vote, trust me when I say that we’re all heading in the same direction and nothings going to change until enough of us demand that it does.

I suppose a second valid example might be when former President Bush back in November of 2001 made his famous “you’re either with us or against us” statement. One of the simplest methods in the art of divide and conquer and it sails over 95% of the public’s heads. He showed us his cards (dividing the nation) and we the citizens still lost the hand. That was 2001 this is 2017 these changes happen slowly but have a look around and I believe we can all agree when I say it’s getting more turbulent out there and I’m not solely referring to America it’s occurring everywhere.

Over the past couple of decades democracy’s all but vanished from the planet? For those who doubt simply search “what is democracy” and see what comes up. I did and much to my surprise can’t find a standard definition because there no longer is one! They range all over the map but piecing bits from several definitions the closest consensus went something like this. “Democracy: The belief in freedom and equality between people, or a system of Government based on this belief, in which power is either held by elected representatives or directly by the people themselves”. The belief in freedom is not freedom! Be honest, is anything mentioned in that statement still relevant in today’s America, for that matter in today’s world? I think not.

I won’t even go into the many problems Europe’s currently facing but rest assured much of the same fate will be shared by the west. Those not living in denial already know this. They know these ships have long since left their ports. In fact they’ve crossed all of the world’s oceans and as a result of doing so now find themselves well bedded into some of the safest harbors spread throughout America and Canada. Like I previously mentioned it’s gotten more turbulent.

Vision our current state as being similar to a maze, a puzzle. As kids we all used to enjoy figuring out which single path would lead us to the one and only exit, to our freedom! Currently a large majority of the world also finds itself in a maze. Its construction is a bit different whereas all pathways lead to the same destination and there are no exits but still it is a maze. Remember our universe doesn’t care if you understand or accept this. It will continue it just is what it is.

When masses are stuck in such a maze over time depression sets in psychological difficulties begin to escalate. Issues like cognitive dissonance and denial begin to resemble what is now the new normal. The divide in the nation begins to widen and since a person’s beliefs will eventually lead to their realities the violence starts increasing. Personally I believe we are at the very early stage of noticing this increase.

For decades toxic foreign and domestic policies corruption all played their part in elevating circumstances to a point of no return. If you want to blame something then blame the system, the mechanism. The mechanism is now broken therefore must be replaced and it will be. History’s got my back on that one but it’s the second point histories got me covered on that’s a bit more concerning.

After a bit more research it seems that prior to any system being replaced revolution warring or both befell and that’s the direction we’re all being led in! All the pathways in this maze dead end at various levels of violence. They all lead to foreign and domestic violence! The western nation is forcing revolution as its domestic policy and warring as it foreign. How else can it justify the 800 plus billion dollar price tag of its glorified jobs program? Those suffering from the effects of being stuck in the maze to long still prefer to use the outdated term. These people tend to still use the term military? You don’t have to look far to second what’s written above.

Its at this juncture I’ll share with you what perhaps is the most vital new found reality of all. Here’s what I’ve discovered. Out of all our differences, in spite of all the opposing views, the conflicting deep held beliefs all that I’ve listened to over the past six years I’ve come up with only one commonality. They only matter if you’re alive, a corpse doesn’t care. The direction we’re heading in is not lending to those who want to die a natural death. I don’t have to tell you this is not good. Until next time.


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