The Rat Race Part 1

Many more lanes can be found in today’s cloverleaf societies. Choose wisely

In my previous post I noted that I’d be following up with some light hearted examples of what it looks like from our side of the counter. You know those of us viewing the box from the outside in. To get things rolling I’d thought for my first attempt I’d select the subject of “The Rat Race”. To dovetail this a bit further it’s actually my subscriber’s reasons for wanting to exit from life in the rat race. We’ve listened to 100’s express their version of what it’s like and why they want out of it.

Right out of the gate I’d like to state that I feel change is good! It’s a sign that your internal GPS has kicked in. Your inner feelings are talking to you. The heroin monkey affixed to your shoulder no longer rests. You’re tired of the constant… Something needs to change… Something needs to change… Something feels wrong ringing in your head! Sorry couldn’t resist the pun. Truthfully that’s exactly how I arrived at the title for our second site simply by listening to you, our subscribers.

A healthy percentage view change as simply running in the opposite direction. This is not change it’s insanity!

A myriad of folks we meet in one fashion or another are expressing their views of this so called Rat Race and how they feel it’s killing them. Many are correct in their feelings for a sizable portion it is. To recognize this truth all you have to do is view it from our side of the counter. Separation creates clarity. It’s a fact that no matter what price you sell yourself for it never represents the total cost. These costs can be substantial and from what we’ve witnessed all too often are.

Sidebar with me for a moment as I share a personal view… It’s been my experience that a person’s own health and their family relationships represent two of the most common losses. In spite of being our most precious assets when it comes to what’s first effected the commonality  cannot be ignored. This is a tough lesson for most to acquire. Once bitten these toxins leave the opportunity for a second chance somewhat limited. All too often either a cane or a crutch is required as an antidote. A cane for the physical damage and the crutch for the psychological however both only serve as a means of damage control. From these afflictions cure is never 100 percent. Just my two cents worth stemming from the many that we’ve met.

At the same time we’re being mind washed. Currently far too much media time is focused merely towards the negative implications of change. It’s going to be hard perhaps impossible, most fail and return home the grass is greener in your own back yard all serve as examples of what you’ll be witnessing if main stream or the uninformed is your chosen source of information. MSM medias characterize there is no positive aspect to change. Better off staying where you are, it’s dangerous out there. Well guess what?

It’s also dangerous in there! Where ever “there” happens to be. Look all you are doing is contemplating how best to remove that monkey from your shoulder, nothing more. Nothing vanishes behind you if you make a change! If desired you can always return. Whatever it is that you’ve left will still be there upon your return arrival. However try looking at this on a deeper level then ask yourself. Would you have considered leaving in the first place if you were so happy being where you are? I know it’s subjective, but still would you?

Lately branding people as extremists, as cowards for even thinking from an individual viewpoint has become the norm of a divided nation. For that matter a divided world. You’re supposed to stay in the race, get warped mentally physically or both. It’s to be worn as your personal badge of honor. As a citizen it’s branded into you mind your patriotic duty above all else to remain, to tough it out understanding it’s the best alternative compared to what’s out there. If all else fails then out comes the big guns. All of a sudden you’ve been branded unpatriotic. You’re leaving when the nation needs you most.

Immediately right now I’d like to stop and call BULLSHIT! Big time bullshit! Acquired wisdom from just shy of 40 years of on the ground living as a foreigner allows me the privilege to say I call bullshit on that one big time. When it comes down to it we’re all just pawns in the game. Fear keeps tax dollars at home is a more appropriate reason for all the negativity. Those possessing a few dollars may want to ponder about the previous sentence before proceeding.

What about asking the better question? Why isn’t your nation’s elected listening to your reasons for leaving? So Ironic what was once regarded as the base factor of what made a nation great has taken a sharp about face and all of a sudden is what’s breaking it apart. Seriously you just can’t make this stuff up!

When thousands ask or email questions quite often my opening response will be. All anyone including myself can offer is their own personal experience. Nothing more. I would assume the people you’re asking for advise have a fair bit of on the ground experience, right? If not you’ve just made your first mistake.

Many on the Internet are offering well written pieces of literature but lack the wisdom that only comes from hands on experience. Others have chalked up many miles abroad, listen to those! Expatriation is different than searching for the next home run crypto currency. That’s why I’ve never blogged about the cryptos. I have No Real Experience with the subject. If you’re not already adhering to the above few sentences I’d have to say you just committed your second mistake.

Rounding the corner and heading for home from the thousands who have contacted us I’ll briefly touch on a few of the more popular descriptions serving both flanks. The “why we want to” and the “why we can’t just now” packs. I’m confident a large percentage will recognize that they fall into one of these two groups. You should after all these reasons for or against originated from you our readers. Anyway here we go.

By far the most popular reasons for leaving are stress, poor health, wanting to slow down and fourth stretching their dollars further. I have to admit I was caught a bit off guard that slowing down and stretching dollars were a close third and fourth. First thing I’d encourage you to notice is the order they appear in. Is that not already telling you something? What’s the point of slowing down if you’re already in a wheel chair? Take the first and third examples from above. When you first begin feeling like the stress is too much to handle that’s your call sign. That’s the internal GPS I keep mentioning about. Pay attention to it!

If on the other hand you choose to disregard this calling soon enough you’ll begin receiving some hard to ignore reminders. The meds, high blood pressure, weight gain, digestion issues and chest pains all serve as minor reminders. For the closed minded still foolish enough to ignore their God given GPS a slightly stronger reminder will be sent. Some prefer to call these punitive reminders heart attacks or strokes.

Heart attack and stroke are solely effects the cause is labeled above. It’s ignoring your call sign it’s ignoring your internal GPS that’s the cause. I’d suggest at all costs skipping number two (poor health) if it’s not already too late. You don’t want to go there and there are plenty of warning signs informing you that you’re heading in that direction. You’ll automatically stretch your dollars (fourth reason) considerably by not suffering either.

WOW! Didn’t realize I was already running 1200 words. In efforts of keeping these posts at reasonable lengths I’ll continue with a part two. In closing I want to mention it’s not a fact of whether you can or can’t make this or any other choice in your life. The fact is that you won’t make a choice period and by not doing so the reality factor is this. By not making a choice yourself the choice was made for you. You defaulted to remain where you no longer want to be. You automatically slid back into the same box as before. The monkey wins! You chose to stay & pay the costs, and that’s fine if you want to. I preferred to follow another logo. I chose to Pack & Go and for just shy of forty years now haven’t regretted it. Until next time.


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