IRMA’s On Her Way

From part experiences when ever the percentage rises above 25% I start preparing. Look at it exactly as you would a Plan B. You hope you never need it but if you do it can save your life.

With a 90% chance of at least receiving a strong tropical storm it amazes me how people just seem to take these things for granted. Having weathered many Cyclones and Hurricanes I know! I know what they are capable of doing. Roof tin becomes flying razor blades in anything above a cat 3 rating. I’ve actually witnessed with my own eyes flying coconuts break down concrete walls! Regardless where ever you reside a storm of this magnitude needs to be taken seriously. So many I know think if hit hard a couple extra bottles of water and a case of candy bars is going to cut it, it won’t. Supply lines to the smaller towns can and often do get severed. If the main road is impassible it could be for weeks.

Hope everyone favors well.

Those who know me well know I don’t panic. I just make it so I’m best prepared to sit things out. Those en route of Irma’s path should too! Look at this way. It’s like a plan B. You hope you’ll never need it but should you then that’s the time you’ll be glad you have it. If you think I’m mistaken in what’s written above how about asking anyone residing in Texas. I’m confident those who didn’t will tell you all the should have could have would have stories you can stand. Enough to put you to sleep from repetition. Like I said before. You could tell a person that the universe has billions of stars and they’d believe you but tell them that bench has wet paint and for some reason they have to touch it.

Just finishing up with our preparations for a possible hard grazing from Irma. I’ll be doing my best to provide you, our subscribers with some up close video of during and post Irma’s passing. To the many folks wishing us the best we thank you for your concern. During my travels I’ve experienced many hurricanes and cyclones in both hemispheres. Hatches are closed and everything possible has been done. Just for the fun of it how would you stack up in readiness. Here’s my current status.

1, Enough non perishable food for about 6 weeks.

2, cooking propane for 6 months. Wood natural charcoal kindling easily enough for 6 weeks.

3, generator cables all that’s needed including fuel for 10 days.

4, spare diesel for Yota. About 400 miles worth.

5, both vehicles full.

6, All animals ready and in shelters.

7, American and local currency in small denominations.

8, window bars for flying debris.

There’s a lot more depth to it but for fun see how you’d compare. As mentioned I’ll do my best to film during and after the storm passes. For all those interested in Cabrera you’ll probably find more coverage on DR Escapes than anywhere else in the world. For some reason all of a sudden I feel like a storm chaser. Got to finish some last minute preps. We’ll catch you on the fly, poor choice of words catch you all later. Until next time.




Cindy September 6, 2017 at 11:34 pm

Looking forward to those videos! When we were in Cabrera, we experienced a mild “hurricane”, I’m interested to see if those shredder mountains work for Irma! Stay safe!

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