5 Ways Cabrera Expats Are Prepared For Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma -  Cabrera Expats Better PreparedHurricane Irma is a whopper Category 5 hurricane ravaging it’s way through the Caribbean, potentially aiming for Florida and the East Coast of the US. Even though it looks like Cabrera may be very close to the main path of this hurricane, in many ways the expats living on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic may be in a better position to weather this horrendous storm than many residents of Florida and rest of the East Coast of the US.

Why do I say that, let’s consider these five factors that may give Cabrera expats an edge.

5 Reasons Cabrera Expats May Be Better Prepared…..


1. Most expats have existing back up power systems that are fully capable of supplying 100% of the household power needs. These systems are functional and tested and ready to go at a moments notice.

2. Most expats in Cabrera are already accustomed to using bottled water and many of them routinely keep up to a weeks supply on hand at all times.

3. Most of the Cabrera expats live in substantially built homes constructed of concrete and rebar reinforced concrete block and stucco walls and roofs. These homes have withstood whatever nature could throw at it for decades.

4. Many of the Cabrera expats live in homes located up in the hills overlooking the coast and the lower lying town of Cabrera. Not only does this vantage point offer cooling breezes in the hot summer, but it also virtually guarantees that these expats will not suffer from any flooding like you might find in the lower areas.

5. Most of the food in Cabrera is locally grown and readily available without being dependent on long transportation routes or extensive trucking.

While no natural disaster like a hurricane is good for anyone, I do suspect the the expats living in Cabrera are in a much better position than so many residents on the East Coast of the United States.

As soon as I can get out, I will share some video of the impact of Hurricane Irma on the Cabrera area.

Wishing you a safe next few days as Hurricane Irma decides it treacherous path.

Troy Henderson September 8, 2017 at 9:16 pm

Our first trip to the DR was in July and we chose to stay in Cabrera as a family for 2 weeks. I must say I am in love with the area and truly enjoyed the “non-tourist” part of the island and could easily see myself joining the expat community there. I can easily see how those can hunker down and be prepared in the right location away from the water. Be safe and Godspeed until I return.

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