The Rat Race Part 2

All anyone can offer is their own personal experience. They are not you! We all tend to see things differently from what I like to term as our “personal angles”.

Now that Hurricane Irma has passed and most of our cleanup is completed I’m able to continue with part 2 of the Rat Race. Moving forward it’s the second aspect the “why we can’t just now” group that’s a bit more complex. It’s this second group that has several more variances accompanying it. More obstacles come into play and I’ll be telling you WHY that is a bit further on. At this time I’m requesting that you keep the cliché “the more things change the more they stay the same” in the back of your mind. You’ll understand why I requested later on.

Depending on the individual the “why I can’t just now” excuses differ for each person.  Family, age, employment and personal savings seem to head the list by popularity. Some have the means but can’t leave the family. Others are gung ho for the relocation but are worried about making a living the combinations are endless. I’m confident already you’re witnessing how varied this group can be when compared to the previous, group”. Keep in mind no matter what the mix, whatever the combination is they all share one thing in common. Their excuses not reasons! This is the only fact that matters.

Seriously think on what it is that you’re seeking. Do not mistake spiritual cravings for physical wants. Happiness contentment inner peace are all spiritual. Relocating cannot deliver on these requests. The newness of everything eventually wears off. If you choose to be stressed you can be stressed anywhere you choose.

Rather than exhaust time describing the individual excuses (I’m sure you already know your personal combination) my deeper desire is that by the end of this post you’ll ascertain that all of these reasons doubts fears whatever you choose to label them are what seem to be your own personal perils. What follows may surprise you but it still serves as the single biggest difference between both groups.

This first group’s already made their decision, they want change. They’re no longer looking for excuses to keep them steadfast where they don’t want to be and the second group hasn’t. Accept it or not that’s your free will but still won’t change the fact what I just mentioned is the single biggest difference between both groups. The rest of it is only details. The first group focuses on why they can and the second on why they cannot. Remember truth always remains simple it’s we who tend to complicate.

Have you ever noticed or perhaps you’ve even been there yourself when people first commence talking to their friends and families hinting about the idea of considering relocating to another country inevitably you’re met with a rash of interpretations as to why you’ve lost your cognizance. Be forewarned! For those possessing a personality that’s easily swayed this alone may be enough to control-alt-delete the entire idea. I’ve personally seen this more times than I can remember. I still receive the same “have you lost it” from some of my friends back in Alberta however most who know me also recognize I’m not easily swayed. In my case the tail doesn’t wag the dog.

I remember my father saying “when everyone tells you that you’re crazy you’re really onto something and whenever everyone tells you it’s a great idea you might want to second guess the idea. The masses are never correct.”  Apply that to history and tell me he’s mistaken.

I’ve also since learned all these people mean well. They just cannot fathom it being right for them therefore that’s all they’re expressing. These well intentioned folks are expressing their views as if you were them, but you’re not. Many reading this post have also had one or more personal conversations with me. If this relates to you then you’ve heard me mention regularly all anyone can offer is their own personal experience and that includes me, nothing more. Read on and I’ll tell you why.

People are being swayed for all the wrong reasons. In my life this swaying has been carrying on just shy of forty years so I won’t hold my breath on it changing anytime soon. Just remember they and you are two different entities. After many arguments over time I began to realize that’s all that’s being conveyed. They’re providing you with their view and you want them to see it from yours. Ain’t gonna happen! Don’t base your decision on bad information. You’ll be well served by remembering this. At the very least you’ll save having a lot of unnecessary arguments.

Let me share a bit of wisdom with you. Experience has taught me it’s just best to change the subject revert to talking about what they can relate to. I shift the subject and begin referencing about things they can accept. I’ll start talking about the stress they keep mentioning that they’re under. Gab about the horrible dead end job they still cling to or the lousy economy and all of these fail I can always unleash the big gun, the fail-safe topic. I bring up the Edmonton Oilers and I’m good to go for the duration of the conversation. It’s never failed yet! GO OILERS!

Why argue with people? From 50 feet away anyone’s who’s watching can’t tell who the idiot is. You both look the same.  Another tidbit of wisdom gained along the way is this. Five seconds of glory is not worth 3 days of apologizing. Bad business deal! All you need to remember is they are not you.

There’s always going to be options and there’s always going to be excuses. Seriously how you choose to view the situation is the only difference. As a example lets use aging parents. Face it  your aging parents are likely to leave you before you leave them. Heck on a deeper thought why not take them with. Care is a fraction of the cost in most other countries when compared to the western nation. Another example my kids are in school? Today’s public indoctrinates facilities (schools) you’re sure that’s where you really want them to be. Perhaps private or home schooling might serve better. I’m afraid I can’t earn a living. Really start learning how to think outside the box for a change. The language, I won’t fit in, I’m too old to make such a move you can go on and on only stop mistaking them for reasons and start accepting them as excuses. Once that most important fact is accepted it’s from that point forward that progressive progress towards your goal will commence. That holds true for whatever combination of excuses you may dealing with.

Rounding the corner and heading for home I want to point out something. I’m now listening to the following almost daily and it’s coming from you our subscribers. You’re axiom is I’m not 30, 40, 50 or 60 whatever age anymore and you’re correct. That’s because time is the only commodity that’s not replaceable, but what still baffles me is the following. I can’t fathom why in so many cases is the commodity used most foolishly? You’re considering relocating to a different country not relocating to another planet, at least not for the foreseeable future. Try viewing it from that perspective when contemplating your next decision. Just don’t be too foolish when it comes to the time aspect or it may come back to bite you in the ass. If relocating is something you really want to do a bite from father time can be fatal.

Currently if you find yourself in the “why we can’t just now” group that’s fine. There’s no right or wrong with either group. Just understand while present in that group the excuses are always going to change. Earlier I had asked you to remember “the more things change the more they stay the same” Now hopefully you have a better understanding WHY. Stop procrastinating stop waiting for everything to line up perfectly. The only day that everything lines up perfectly is the day that you die! Is that what you’re waiting for? Until next time.      


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